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Welcome to Poundit the future of B2B procurement.
Welcome to Poundit the future of B2B procurement.
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  • view of defeat

    Reasons to Reframe Your View of Defeat

    Most of us are attracted to success and horrified by failure. Mistakes are a huge part of being human; they're more common than people assume. When problems are glossed over, it provides the idea that everyone can accomplish the same outcomes. We must reframe defeats for these reasons. 

    Entrepreneurs learn from their setbacks. Failure leads to success. Setbacks may teach us more than victories.
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  • Home-based Company

    Making Money from the comfort of your own home

    Having a home-based company gives you the freedom to spend more time with your children. Being able to set your own hours, not having to pay for gas, and saving on taxes are some of the benefits. Some governments do not allow home businesses at all, while others impose significant limits. The location of your home-based company will affect its success or failure. To attract customers, you must have a business-like appearance and operation.
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