High-End Keyboards and Mice: Are They Worth the Cost?

High-End Keyboards and Mice: Are They Worth the Cost?

High-End Keyboards and Mice: Are They Worth the Cost?

Keyboards and mice have evolved from the standard mechanical-type peripherals. Now we even have varieties with multimedia keys and wireless capabilities. Some even have programmable hotkeys where specific functions can be assigned, depending to the user’s liking.

If you’re looking to get one for your computer, let’s first take a look at what makes a high-end keyboard different from a regular one.

Regular Keyboards and Mice

The definition for “regular” has gone beyond price range. A simple P180 keyboard may even have the same keys as a gaming one, while a below-P500 mouse can even be wireless.

A regular keyboard and mouse set usually features no specialized hotkeys other than the multimedia ones. A play, pause, and skip button set could be present like the Logitech K270 Keyboard. Meanwhile, the mouse would have no more than two buttons and a mouse wheel, like the Logitech M185.

One other thing to watch out for is the DPI range of the mouse. Simply put, this is the measurement of how sensitive your mouse is. A higher threshold allows for more precise movements, like aiming your sights in a first person shooter game. Regular mice offer around 1000dpi, which is more than enough for selecting files to open and dragging them to your email.

Gaming Keyboards and Mice

Among the most high-end hardware, the gaming variety is generally more durable and allows for more functions.

For instance, gaming keyboards have specialized builds like scissor-switch and mechanical keys. They can also have a higher number of programmable keys, all of which are backlit for use in darkened rooms. One example would be the Razer Deathstalker Gaming Keyboard.

On the other hand, gaming mice feature higher DPI ranges—with some ranging as high as 5600dpi. They also have more programmable keys mounted on the side, like the Razer Naga Hex Gaming Mouse.

These extra keys are necessary for players to instantly access their character’s abilities or to trigger specific game functions ahead of their opponents. Much like how basketball players would opt for shoes designed to help them run faster and protect their feet, gamers need hardware that can keep up with them.

The Main Question to Ask

Despite all these advantages, there is always one question that needs to be answered: “Do I get a high-end keyboard and mouse combo, or do I just stick to the regular ones?”

The answer really depends on your needs. Office workers won’t really need specialized equipment since they mostly do typing work. However, artists may need keyboards with multimedia keys to quickly access different videos or music players. On the other hand, professional gamers require more durable hardware, especially in multi-million dollar tournaments where every second matters. So if you’re going for gold as a gamer—or are practicing hard to become professional—then you can definitely buy yourself a gaming keyboard and mouse.
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