Gear Up: 7 Must-Have Accessories for Budding Filmmakers

Gear Up: 7 Must-Have Accessories for Budding Filmmakers

Gear Up: 7 Must-Have Accessories for Budding Filmmakers

Whether you’re aspiring to be the next Steven Spielberg or just want to create that movie you’ve always wanted to make, you’ll need to have your own gear. And it doesn’t end at simply choosing between a GoPro or a DSLR. You’ll also have to get a number of accessories to help you shoot the scenes that you want. Hence, here are 7 great newbie-friendly items on YouPoundit to get you started:

  1. Sandmarc Pole
    When you buy your GoPro kit, it comes with a couple of mounts by default. However, to capture shots from certain angles or to make your footage more stable, you’re going to need a telescopic pole.
    Sandmarc Pole
    A great starter option is the Sandmarc Pole. While it may seem like just a fancy version of a selfie stick, it’s actually a great tool to help you capture shots that are not at eye level. You can also use the pole to take stable panoramic shots. And it’s not just for your GoPro—it’s also compatible with other action cameras such as the SJCAM.

  2. GoPro Tripod Mounts
    GoPro Tripod Mounts
    Speaking of stable videos, this is a must-have if you’re planning to create time-lapse videos at a certain location. The GoPro Tripod Mounts allow you to transform a standard camera tripod for use with your action camera easily. With this accessory, you’ll never need to tire yourself out from holding the GoPro for long periods of time.

  3. Extra SD Cards from Samsung or Sandisk
    When you’re out shooting, you’ll definitely need more than just one memory card to keep all your videos in. After all, your camera needs more space to store footage than stills—you can’t keep on stopping every so often to transfer files to your laptop. This is especially important if you need to do retakes or additional shots.

    Samsung SD Card Sandisk SD Card

    Instead of making do with just one memory card, just buy a few additional ones here on YouPoundit. We offer SD cards, in different capacities and speeds, from Samsung or Sandisk. These will safely store all the videos you’ve

  4. Additional Lenses
    Any DSLR owner knows that the power of this kind of camera lies in the lenses that you use. This is especially true for shooting video, as you may need a different kind of lens to capture better zoomed in shots or more light control.

    Nikon AF-S 24-70/2.8G Nikkor Lens Nikon AF-S 50/1.8G Nikkor Lens

    Thankfully, we have a good selection of Nikon lenses here on YouPoundit. These include the AF-S 24-70/2.8G Nikkor Lens, which is a great all-around zoom lens option if you're shooting in tight spaces; and the AF-S NIKKOR 50mm f/1.8G, a great budget alternative to the former.

  5. Gouache Camera Strap
    While most DSLRs or mirrorless cameras come with their own free camera strap, they’re not exactly the toughest or most comfortable ones out the market. So before that free strap falls apart from months of use, make sure to get one of these camera straps from Gouache.
    Gouache Camera Strap Gouache Camera Strap
    Made from water-repellent waxed canvas and leather, they help you carry your camera around safely. And since they come in different colors, you can also use them to accentuate your style.

  6. Rechargeable Batteries

    Just like the SD card, you can’t just pause in the middle of filming to charge your camera’s batteries. So before you go out and film, make sure you carry any of these options for your GoPro: the GoPro Rechargeable Battery (HERO3/HERO3+), the GoPro Battery BacPac, or the Wasabi Power Chargers and Batteries for the HERO4. That way, you don’t run out of juice during your shoot.

  7. Gouache Bags
    Gouache Camera Bag 
    Of course, with all these pieces of equipment you’ll be lugging around, you’ll need something to carry them in. Thankfully, Gouache offers a range of bags that are designed for cameras and other gear. These include their Camera Bag; the Holga Bag, which is more compact; and the Kahlo Bag, which has adjustable dividers to hold all your stuff.

Of course, purchasing all these equipment is just one part of creating your film. Honing your video-shooting skills is more important. So make sure to brush up on the basics, explore advanced techniques, and practice a lot before investing in lots of equipment. And most importantly, don’t forget to enjoy have fun making your movie!

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