Pole Position: A Sandmarc Pole - Black Edition Review

Pole Position: A Sandmarc Pole - Black Edition Review

Sandmarc Pole Black Edition with Box

When talking about telescopic poles for a GoPro, most people just think of using it as a selfie stick. For lesser brands, that may be the case, as they’re not built to withstand the elements.

But with the Sandmarc Pole - Black Edition, that’s all set to change. As we’ve discovered in the course of this review, this tough GoPro accessory can definitely be more than just a selfie stick.

Unboxing and Assembly

The Sandmarc Pole comes in a cardboard box. Inside is the pole, in its collapsed/shortened form. The Pole has a slot for the GoPro on one end, while the hand grip and a strap is already attached on the other end.

Sandmarc Pole - Black Edition with Accessories

Like most GoPro accessories, the action camera can be easily attached to the Pole by screwing it in. This makes it compatible with all GoPro models, from the original GoPro HERO to the GoPro HERO4 Silver.

Sandmarc Pole - Black Edition - GoPro Screwed On

Just remember to use a longer thumbscrew. That way, unscrewing the GoPro is easier when it’s time to pack up.

Sandmarc Pole - Black Edition with Screws

Best Practices for Using the Pole

Using the Sandmarc Pole is pretty straightforward. Simply loosen the nut by turning it clockwise and pull out the extension of the pole to lengthen it. However, don’t loosen the nut too much and pull it all the way out—else you’ll end up separating the parts of the Pole.

Sandmarc Pole - Black Edition - Adjustment

Sandmarc Pole - Black Edition - Disassembled

Once you’ve found your desired length, simply tighten the nut by turning it counter-clockwise.

With its all-aluminum body, the Pole is still light and easy to handle, even if it’s fully extended. And when we say aluminum, don’t think of the foil—think of the same material used in the frames of Formula One cars.

Of course, once you’ve attached the GoPro to the end of the Pole, you’ll need a way to control it. Hence, you will need a GoPro Remote—and a holder for the said Remote is also available for the Pole (sold separately). It simply snaps onto the second portion of the Pole.

Sandmarc Pole - Black Edition - Remote

If you don’t have a GoPro remote but have a GoPro HERO4, you can also install the GoPro app on your smartphone to control your GoPro.

And just remember to wear the hand strap around your wrist at all times, so you avoid losing both the Pole and your GoPro. Make sure that it’s tight enough—you can adjust the tightness using the plastic clip/lock.

Sandmarc Pole - Black Edition in Hand

Shots Taken

Now that you know how to use this Pole, it’s time to take photos and shoot videos! You can use the Sandmarc Pole to take photos or videos that aren’t at your eye level, as it can be extended up to 40 inches or 3 feet.

For starters, you can take worm’s eye view and bird’s eye view photos and videos.

Sandmarc Pole - Black Edition - Test Shot

Sandmarc Pole - Black Edition - Test Shot 2

No Drone, No Problem

This pole can also help you take more stable panoramic shots, especially on video.

And it’s even better when you film from a high vantage point.

With these many applications, the Sandmarc Pole is definitely a must-have for every GoPro fan. After all, this easy-to-use tool may be the one accessory you need to get that aerial shot! Get yours today on Poundit.

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