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Does your Smartphone Choice Match the Real You?

November 21, 2018


Smartphones are made up of the same stuff: metal, plastic, copper, precious metals mined from some far-flung country. But through some clever marketing or plain street cred, these ubiquitous handheld devices have transformed into instruments of image projection and personal self-expression. They've gone way beyond utility, and firmly into the realm of fashion statement. Whether you agree or not, your smart phone, like any fad in the fickle fashion world, says so much more about you than you suspect, or even intended.

This means that owning a blackberry has turned you into a regular in the party circuit, with a stable job and lots of cash to burn; being an android user apparently projects a shy, introverted, artistic image, while being an iPhone user shows that you're attractive, well travelled, and smart.

Rubbish or brilliant? Read more about this fascinating study here.

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