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Happy Anniversary To My Smartphone

November 21, 2018

I use a blackberry Bold smartphone. I've been using it on and off again since February 2012, if the date that is found on the first image that is stored in my photo files is to be believed. It's become a depository of many memorable firsts, birthdays, family celebrations, and the occasional selfie.

I've had my smartphone by my side longer than Kim Karsdashian's marriage to Kris Humphries. It's been a faithful capturer of important moments longer than Derek Ramsey's formal union with Mary Christine Jolly. It's definitely seen better days, having withstood untold abuse and numerous falls in the hands of my three year old boy.

I've always been a one-smartphone-at-a-time woman. Even as an employee doing field work as a corporate person a lifetime ago, I never kept two separate phones like most of my office colleagues. One of them had two on active duty: the first was a private, personal line for family and friends, and the other was a work phone dedicated for "official business". Others would keep one phone with two lines, with the same demarcation of their personal and professional persona. Maybe my anemic social life never merited an extra phone to delineate my "business-y" self from my far-from-flourishing after work activities back then…but I digress.

I've never been one to keep up with the latest smartphone models, but that doesn't mean I'm immune from the seductive call of the latest iPhone model.  As a mac user, I salivate at the sight of every new iPhone updated model announcement. As of this writing the 6th version has just been released, along with what should have been called an iWatch, but is not (hello Apple Watch!).

For now, though, I'm content with my almost 3 year old blackberry phone. It's still perfectly serviceable, takes nice pictures, and is super patient with my toddler. It still receives SMS messages and takes good, if somewhat low quality, videos when needed. There's simply no good reason to part from my faithful partner and servant for the past few years as of yet.

It doesn’t need replacing at all, although it will probably be caught lying around the house for the toddler to easily "discover" a bit more regularly than usual. It is likely to be exposed to more rough handling and made to withstand a bit of playful battering from here on end. I'm thinking, maybe this week we will find out just how much abuse it can actually take in the hands of a three year old boy...

Who knows? You might find me with a shiny new iPhone 6 sometime in the near future, yes?

Your turn: how long have you been using your current smartphone? Perhaps a happy anniversary greeting is in order? Let me know in the comments!

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