Some Kind of Happiness is Measured in Inches

We've all heard of the phrase "Size doesn't matter". It's one of those cliches that's frequently bandied about on matters pertaining to male or female "attractiveness". In polite company, the socially acceptable stance is to embrace it as plain truth. If you need convincing, let me throw in the science to back it up and the charts to prove it. 

When used to measure your level of satisfaction for smartphone screen sizes, though, "size doesn't matter" becomes a blatant lie. Because in a world of phablets and wider handheld screens, there's no shame in admitting that bigger is better, and bigger will make you happier. 

Many are divided on the subject. Some say that a wider girth makes for an unwieldy device, one that's difficult to grip or play around with. Others have quickly warmed up to the "bigger than bigger" ethos that Apple has built around the newly released iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. And then there's those misunderstood wide screen early adopters, the Android users. They've earned the right to gloat as they roll their eyes and say "I told you so"  to those just getting on the "bigger is better!" bandwagon.

As our collective appetites for the many fanciful offerings of the World Wide Web increases, so does our clamor for wider phone screen real estate. Phablets are fast becoming the standard by which to measure how big your screen can be without sacrificing portability or ease of use. Crisper, brighter images with higher megapixels are also widely sought after and add "ganda  points" to the fortunate owner.

In the smartphone arena, size matters. Coupled with our insatiable yearning to constantly be in the know, wider screen sizes become a necessary component in our arsenal of portable tech gadgets. This is particularly true with the smartphone, that modern man's indispensable must-have daily companion. Gone are the days when smaller phones was the way to go, back when Nokia reigned supreme and the information highway was at its infancy. The demand for bigger screens is matched by our insatiable need to always be plugged in to what's new on the internet, and at the rate things are going, smartphone makers are keen to find ways to better integrate our need for portability with the usefulness of a big screen in it's upcoming designs.

Do you like big smartphones, or small ones? What's the reason behind your preference? I'm curious to find out. Let me know in the comments below.  

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