5 Adorable GoPro Videos, #1 Will Make You Cry

by Vanessa Salas

There are days when we wind up in the dark side of the internet, where videos are not office-appropriate, words are liberally littered with swear words and not so positive images bring a damper to our perfectly normal, if otherwise uneventful day.

Today we're bringing you to the sunnier side, to places replete with cute cuddly videos of adorable little children and irresistible animals. It's where awesome, mind-blowing images reign supreme. 

Why? Because cute toddlers. And awesome kitten saving videos. And cute owl dace off videos. And puppies!

And also, because there's nothing like literally seeing the world from a toddler/puppy's <insert vantage point here> perspective to redefine what vicarious living means in the 21st century. 

What's your favorite GoPro video? Let me know in the comments section!

Fireman Saves The Day

Dubstep Baby

Owl Dance Off

Its Puppy Time

Toddlers and Snow

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