17 Easy iPhone Photography Tips for Your Next Travel

17 Easy iPhone Photography Tips for Your Next Travel

The iPhone has some awesome camera features for travelers and shutterbugs alike. Use them! Make your travel pics the envy of your Instagram followers and earn tons of double taps.

Here are some easy iPhone photography tips to try, regardless of your iPhone model.

Basic iPhone photography tips to remember

Before trying out different iPhone photography techniques, learn first the basics of how to take good photos with your smartphone.

1. Keep the phone still while composing your shot

iPhone photography tips

So that your pics won't come out blurry, hold your iPhone as you would a camera. Use your two hands!

Are your hands too shaky? Lean your phone or arm on a steady surface while taking a photo until a few minutes after you've pressed the shutter button.

2. Use the iPhone's built-in filters


Did you know that you can apply filters in real time as you take photos? Built within the iPhone are nine filter effects to choose from. Using them is a lot easier than third-party apps.

iPhone photography tips for flattering shots

Make your selfies and food pics look extra fab with these iPhone photo hacks!

3. Take selfies at an eye level

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Many people place their phone upward when snapping a selfie to keep the double chin from showing up. Nope, the high angle isn't the most flattering for selfies. Your selfies must do justice to your pretty face.

How to take good selfie photos with iPhone? Here are the easy steps:

  1. Find natural lighting, like from a window or an open doorway.
  2. Bring the iPhone close to your face (but not too close!).
  3. Point the front cam at your eye level.
  4. Move your head forward a bit, keeping your chin down.
  5. Tilt your head slightly.
  6. Flash a natural smile and press the shutter!

4. Snap food shots from above

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Yup, the food you enjoy on your travels deserves a glamor shot, too!

If shooting from a high angle doesn't work for selfies, it often does for food photography. Food colors and shapes stand out, and all the details are included in the frame.

iPhone photography tips for incredibly cool pics

Add fun and magic to your travel snaps with these awesome iPhone camera tricks!

5. Make your subject appear more than once in one shot

Image Credit: COOPH

Yes, you can clone anyone (or yourself) as many times as you want in a single photo! Use your iPhone camera's Panorama mode to pull this off.

Shoot from where your subject is standing and then pan around as the person runs in the opposite direction out of shot and back into the shot again.

6. Create a cute miniature effect


How to take jaw-droppingly good iPhone photos like the one above? Add a tilt-shift illusion to your shots so that life-size objects look like small toys in photos. For that, you need a photo tilt-shift app for the iPhone.

7. Put sunglasses over your iPhone camera lens

Is the sun too bright? If you take a picture with harsh lighting, you'll get that "against the light" effect. Just placing a pair of tinted sunglasses will do the trick. Voila—instant sepia effect!

iPhone photography tips for creatively unique shots

Tired of your boring travel pics? Find an interesting angle to shoot from. Step up your iPhone photography game with these tips.

8. Show a breathtaking background with your shoefie


Great shoes + wonderful nature as a backdrop = Stunning iPhone travel pic!

9. Shoot structures from a low angle


A lot of travelers tend to shoot architectural wonders from the chest level. That's fine—but you can be more creative with your shots!

It can be as simple as shooting from below and focusing on just one part of the structure. For the photo above, the photographer chose to highlight just the roof of a Japanese castle. Amazing, right?

10. Get closer to the subject

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Most shots of iconic landmarks are taken from afar. But when you move closer to your subject and take snaps of it, magic happens. Look at how the statue at Batu Caves in Malaysia exudes a commanding presence in the shot.

11. Experiment with diagonal shots

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Who would've thought the iconic Burj Khalifa in Dubai could look extra stunning at a diagonal angle? Skyscrapers look interesting in smartphone photos when you dare not to just settle for the conventional vertical shot.

12. Add more height to your landscape photos

Want to include the whole limestone formation, cave, or any tall structure in your shot? No need to step back far—just use the Panorama mode of your iPhone.

Watch this video from Apple to learn how to take good panoramic photos with an iPhone.

iPhone photography tips to shoot like a pro

Take your iPhone photography skill level a notch higher with these pro tips.

13. Wait for the golden hour

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The perfect times to take enchanting photos outdoors happen twice in a day: an hour just after sunrise and an hour just before sunset. Shoot during one of those times and witness how the magic happens right in your iPhone photos.

14. Use the rule of thirds

Take better photos with the help of your iPhone camera's Grid function (Settings > Photos & Camera > Grid). The grid makes it easy to follow the rule of thirds in photography. This involves lining up your shot so that the person or object you want to focus on is on one of the intersecting lines.

15. Put your subject in the foreground with a stunning structure as the backdrop


Don't just randomly take pictures of people with an amazing background. That's a waste. Let your subject sit near you, as you capture him and the gorgeous backdrop.

16. Play around with colors

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See bold colors while hanging out on a balcony or walking down the street? Don't miss out on the great photo opportunity. Capture the scene with your iPhone!

17. Use leading lines

Create depth to your iPhone photos by using lines to draw your viewer's eyes to the most important part.

That's it! Try these iPhone photography tips on your next trips to wow your followers on Instagram!

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