POUND FOR POUND: 3310(3G) vs. iPhone X

POUND FOR POUND: 3310(3G) vs. iPhone X

For Science, for the LOLs, and because we CAN, we’ve decided to match up two of the best phones out in the market today and see how they fare against each other. In one hand we have the ever-so-sturdy, apocalypse-surviving new but not so new 3310 (3G) from NOKIA! On the other, we have the phone straight out of the future, the T-1000-esque (Terminator 2 reference, young millennials!) Smartphone, the iPhone X from Apple!

We know we know, Pound for Pound it doesn’t seem like a fair fight. But to make things all the more interesting we’ve decided to match them up under some often overlooked categories. Ready? Let’s get it on!

Battery Life & Charging

Right off the batt (pun intended), the NOKIA 3310 is at an advantage due to its replaceable battery compared to the iPhone X’s built-in one. Having an extra battery or two for your phone is just a practical move. The 3310’s battery is at a modest 1200mAh which is capable of up to 21h of talk time and 51h of music playtime while the iPhone X’s whooping 2716mAh battery only has a talk time of up to 21h and music play time of 60h.

When it comes to charging, we are not fans of waiting. This is one of those times when faster is actually better. The iPhone X, using a standard data cable and 5W adapter will take over 3h&1/2h to charge from 0 to 100 (not so real quick) while the 3310  takes only less than 2h with the charger that comes with it. Nuff’ said.


The 3310’s Numeric keypad: Remember the days when number keys were used to text? Didn’t even have to look. Always nice to show off how good you are with your fingers. The qwerty generation doesn’t get it yet but they will. The iPhone's QWERTY keyboard: it can type.


3310’s 2MP Camera with LED flash (can shoot video too!) VS. the iPhone X’s 12MP Dual-camera (12MP, F2.4 aperture), Sapphire crystal lens cover, Optical image stabilization, Autofocus, Back-illuminated sensor (BSI) + 7MP front facing camera which is great if that’s what you’re looking for, obviously.


The average price of the 3310 is at PhP2790 while the iPhone X is at a massive PhP64490! If you really think about this, with just one iPhone X you can buy at least 23 3310’s! Enough for a small barangay! BANG (for buck)! SULIT! Need we say more?

Network and SIM Capabilities

2G? Yup. 3G? Yup. LTE? Unnecessary. With the regular mix of personal and “business” numbers, sim capabilities are quite important. The 3310’s DUAL sim capabilities are definitely an advantage compared to the iPhone X’s single sim. One for personal and one for “business”(quote un-quote intended)


Let’s be honest. Not all of us like em big. The 3310’s 85g body that fits in your hand just feels right while the iPhone X’s 174g body may be a bit on the hefty side, if that’s what you’re in to.

Color Options

The iPhone X comes in 2 colors: Silver & Gray while the 3310 comes in Black, Yellow, Blue and Red -- coincidentally, the same color your wallet will be after it takes the beating of paying for your iPhone X.


The iPhone X’s dust and water resistant frame will keep your device safe from the tears that falls on it from when your credit card statement arrives while the rugged 3310 won’t need it. Why? No tears. Even if you lose it.

Screen size

The Nokia 3310(3G) boasts a 2.4” screen while the iPhone X’s is at 5.8”. No lingering girlfriend’s eye will see who-i mean-what you’re texting (JK!). So if it was a contest of which screen is more ninja, we know who’ll win.

Storage and Processor Speed

The iPhone X’s internal storage is at a wow-inducing 256GB


Essentially, It’s snake versus every iOS game there is and ever will be. Malamang sa malamang, Snake. “But what about all the other great games that-” I said SNAKE!


This is a very important category. Who among us doesn’t dread the nightmare scenario where some ne'er-do-well straight-up steals our phone from our hands? Pretty safe to say that the amount of sleep you’ll lose from getting your 3310 stolen will be significantly less than from when you cry yourself to sleep days in a row when you lose your iPhone X, reminiscent of when your Significant Other left you. Ouch.

BONUS Round: Drop Test

We decided to make this round extra fun by dropping each phone from the height of… Just kidding! But in the event of an actual drop test, your heart won’t stop when it’s the 3310.(No iPhone X’s were harmed in the making of this entry and 3310’s wouldn’t have been harmed anyway)

And the winner is…

Based on all the carefully picked criterium of rounds. Pound for pound, the phone which is better for..

...being used as material for Captain America’s shield is the Nokia 3310(3G)!

...being used as a bulletproof vest is the 3310!

...warding off pickpockets better is the Nokia 3310(3G)!

...fitting in the pocket of your skinny jeans is... *drumroll* The Nokia 3310(3G)!

...used as a throwing weapon in a post-apocalyptic future is the iPhone X!

…being used as a secondary phone is the NOKIA 3310(3G)!

So if you're looking for a sturdy phone with many colors to choose from and a small screen so your paranoid girlfriend won't see who you're texting (it’s just mom!), then the Nokia 3310 is the phone for you.


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