4 Music Gadgets from Sony That Will Rock Your World

From TVs and cameras to smartphones and gaming consoles, Sony is one of the world’s premier manufacturers of electronic products. One of their most popular products is the Walkman, which made Sony one of the key players in the music industry since 1979.

More than 30 years later, Sony continues to be an audio powerhouse. Here are some of their gadgets and accessories that combine their expertise in technology and music.

Sony SSE BTR1 Smart B Trainer

Fitness buffs usually bring their smartphones to play music while they engage in their favorite fitness activity. However, large smartphones are a little cumbersome, especially when strapped to your arm as you run or lift weights. Enter the SSE BTR1 Smart B Trainer, a wearable music player with a built-in fitness tracker.

With an internal storage capacity of 16GB for your music and fitness data, the SSE BTR1 Smart B Trainer is the perfect fitness buddy, especially for runners. It also has an accompanying smartphone app to better manage your running logs and statistics. Apart from distance covered, heart rate, and calories burned, this ultra-compact device can also measure time, speed, pace, pitch, number of steps, and elevation.

You can get the Smart B Trainer from Poundit in five different colors to match your personality, as well as the color and style of your fitness gear.

Sony NW-A20 Walkman Series

Having a dedicated music player will not only save battery power and free up storage space in your smartphone, you can also experience more high-quality music.

The NW-A20 Walkman series is a sleek music gadget that comes bundled with high-resolution, noise-cancelling headphones and DSEE HX technology to further enhance your music experience.

With 64GB of storage, you can pack more than 40,000 songs in the NW-A20. This power-packed device also has an improved battery life, which can serve up to 50 hours of high-resolution audio playback time.

Sony h.ear on Headphones

If you’re very particular about your music and are looking for a headset that can handle deep bass and produce clear notes, then these brightly colored, high-resolution Sony h.ear on Headphones are for you. You will definitely notice the difference in audio quality. It’s like the audio version of going from SD to HD video.

These very comfortable headphones also have an inline remote and mic, so you can take calls hands-free and change tracks without having to touch your smartphone. If you’re worried about space, you’ll be delighted to know that the h.ear on Headphones also come in a folding design, making it easy to fit in your gym bag or purse.

HT-NT3 Soundbar

For that surround-sound quality in your home theater, the Sony HT-NT3 Sound Bar is your best bet. With its high-fidelity Dolby True HD and dts HD support, you will definitely feel the high-quality difference of the lossless audio format.

It’s also perfect for a multi-device audio-video set-up as it packs 3 HDMI inputs, 1 HDMI ARC output, and 1 USB input into a slim 1.95” depth. The compact design is also perfect for those who want to maintain a streamlined look to their home theater. The HT-NT3 also has ClearAudio+ technology, which adjusts sound settings automatically to suit whatever you’re watching or listening to.

No doubt, Sony’s 70-year history in the tech industry makes them one of the most trusted brands. These gadgets and more only prove that Sony won’t be left behind any time soon, especially in the audio technology department.

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