5 Practical Smartphone Accessories to Purchase for School

These days, smartphones are more than just gadgets for staying in touch and scrolling through your social media feeds. They’re also tools used for learning and keeping abreast of the latest information from almost every corner of the world.

In fact, smartphones and tablets are almost as ubiquitous in schools and classrooms as are books and other educational materials. You can often see students poring over their latest reading assignments, researching for write-ups, and even taking notes using only their handheld devices.

To make day-to-day school work more efficient and productive, here are some smartphone accessories you ought to buy to maximize your day in school.

Portable Keyboard or Stylus

The usual size of a smartphone’s on-screen keyboard, even on landscape mode, is quite prone to typos. Having a portable keyboard with full-sized keys can make your note-taking more accurate and more comfortable, too.

For those who love the form factor of notebooks without the added bulk, you can also take advantage of native or third-party notepad apps and get a stylus for your smartphone. This nifty accessory is ideal for “phablet” owners who have more screen real estate for scribbling.


We rely heavily on our smartphones these days. Be it checking emails, writing down important lectures, saving audio recordings of talks, or using online resources for research, we’re almost always using our phones.

Which is why it’s a good thing powerbanks exist to keep our smartphones juiced up and ready to work. Poundit has an array of powerbanks that will suit your needs—from slim, space-saving models to high-ampere, quick-charge units for when you’re powering through a whole day of classes.

Mini Tripod

Tripods are useful for shooting photos and videos, call conferencing, and hands-free reading. Many a student journalist will find a tripod valuable when attending events, while those who frequently attend lectures and conferences can easily record the event for review and future reference.

Try finding a model with adjustable legs so you can find the perfect height and angle when recording videos. There are also those with a rotating holder so you can prop your device on either portrait or landscape orientation without worrying about stability.

Lens Attachment

More and more school projects these days require some level of photography and videography. It is therefore a good thing that phone cameras are getting more and more powerful and feature-rich. However, for projects that require even more lens power and versatility, you can get smartphone lens attachments.

Some attachment kits include a telephoto lens, fisheye lens, and micro and macro lenses, among others. While some of the photographic effects can be duplicated through apps and editing software, nothing beats the quality of raw, high-resolution photos and videos.

Microfiber Cleaning Cloth

When your smartphone’s screen gets caked with accumulated grime and fingerprints, it not only looks ugly, it’s also unsanitary. You can try wiping it down with the corner of your shirt or swiping it with your hands or fingers, but you’ll most likely end up with a smudged or an even dirtier screen.

Microfiber cleaning cloths help in addressing this problem. A few swipes with this handy cleaner and your phone will be back to its smooth and squeaky clean glory. You can also use these cloths in cleaning your eyeglasses, sunglasses, camera lenses, laptop screens, and more.

These accessories are not only practical, they are also widely available and affordable, making them even easier for students to become more productive using their smartphones.

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