6 Awesome Ways to Make the Most of Christmas in the Philippines

6 Awesome Ways to Make the Most of Christmas in the Philippines

In many parts of the world, the “ber” months represent the most wonderful time of the year. Germans go bottoms up for Oktoberfest, Americans gather together for Thanksgiving, Hindus celebrate the Diwali or the festival of lights, Jews commemorate Hanukkah or the rededication of the second temple of Jerusalem, and pagans observe Yule, which, of course, is the original Germanic holiday to which we owe so much of our Yuletide traditions.

Here in the Philippines—as in many other parts of the world —we celebrate Christmas, and we do so with much gusto. The festivities begin here as early as when the calendar turns September 1, and traditionally, it only ends after the Feast of the Three Kings on January 6 the following year.

Considering you have such a long time to celebrate Christmas every year, it only makes perfect sense to make the most of the holiday season. Here are some of our suggestions on how you can do so.

Take advantage of the great online holiday sales

In the past, one would only begin to notice that the Christmas shopping season has begun when the crowds of people in malls and traditional markets like Divisoria and Baclaran began to thicken. These days, online retailers and marketplaces have become the harbingers of the Christmas holiday rush, delighting shoppers with big sales holidays like the 11.11 Singles’ Day sales, the Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales, and the 12.12 sales.

These online sales give you the perfect opportunity to score great deals on holiday presents, as well as on new purchases to replace your old, well-loved personal items. Examples of retail giants that you should look into for great Christmas deals are Sephora for beauty products, Zalora for fashion items, Poundit for tech products and gadgetry, and Lazada and Shopee for everything under the sun. These are also the perfect online destinations to get your Christmas gifts for any kris kringle, monito-monita, or secret Santa event you’re participating in this year.

Here at Poundit, we make it even easier for you to score great deals that are sure to help you save a lot of money this Christmas. For example, with our ongoing GoPro Bundeal Promo, you get to have a FREE accessory kit when you buy a GoPro Hero 7 Black action camera. Kit choices include the Starter Kit, Roadtrip Kit, and 360 Kit.

If you don’t plan on buying a GoPro camera anytime soon, however, don’t worry because you can instead take advantage of our Voucher Madness Promo, which will help you save anywhere from PHP100 to PHP5,000 when your purchase anything off our site. Simply type the code POUNDITXMAS upon checkout to get a surprise discount on your purchase!

Finally, you can also still buy Christmas Mystery Boxes off our website! Two types of Christmas Mystery Boxes are available: Poundit Mystery Boxes and Brand Mystery Boxes, both of which can serve as the perfect gift box for yourself of your loved ones.

Customers can choose between these two types of Christmas Mystery Boxes, and the price tier that they prefer (PHP 3,000, PHP 5,000, PHP 10,000, PHP 30,000, or PHP 50,000). Once you have chosen the box you want, our team will assemble a surprise assortment of gadgets from respected brands like Xiaomi, Sony, Havit, Fujifilm, Gouache, Fitbit, LG, Romoss, Sennheiser, Apple, and our homegrown brand, Geekkery. The tantalizing idea of “unboxing” a mystery gift will extend to both the gift giver and the receiver!

Prepare in advance for your Christmas vacation

We Filipinos typically take two long holidays every year—one during the Holy Week holidays in summer and another one during the Christmas and New Year holidays late in the year. As with the Holy Week holidays, you should also make sure to plan for your Christmas vacation in advance, as it can be too hectic and expensive to be planning for the holidays late in December. Airline ticket prices can surge well to their yearly highs, for example, if they don’t sell out fast enough!

Also make sure that you have everything you need for your vacation before the holidays come around. Do you need a sand-free blanket for a beach getaway, or maybe a down parka for a winter sojourn abroad? Get them before they go out of stock! Do you require a new drone or an action camera from SJCAM Philippines to be able to make cool videos of your Christmas vacation? Perhaps purchase one during any one of the aforementioned holiday sales to strike a deal worth grabbing.

Make sure to see the famous lantern festivals

We Filipinos love our Christmas lantern or parol—traditionally a star-shaped lamp meant to symbolize the Star of Bethlehem. We even have lantern festivals to prove how much we like them, and two of the biggest that are worth seeing are the UP Lantern Parade in Quezon City, Metro Manila, and the Giant Lantern Festival in San Fernando City in the Province of Pampanga.

The UP Lantern Parade takes place every December in UP Diliman, the flagship campus of the University of the Philippines. It showcases lanterns and colorful parade floats designed and made by students of the university themselves. The Giant Lantern Festival, on the other hand, features humongous electronic lanterns that are made by the different barangays of San Fernando, a city that is traditionally known as the epicenter of the parol-making industry in the country.

Attend as many Christmas parties with your friends as you can

Most of us have several friend circles that we try to keep up with. We have high school buddies, college pals, friends from our current place of work, friends from around the neighborhood, friends from our fandom groups, and so on and so forth.

With our lives becoming busier by the minute, the Christmas season is usually the only time in the entire year when we get to meet them. Make the most of it by attending as many Christmas parties as you can this year.

Don’t worry too much about your diet

When it comes to losing weight and becoming healthy, some of us choose to take the extremist route by going all out with our fad diets and exercise routines. Whether it’s a no-carb diet, the Atkins diet, crossfit, or some other trendy “healthy” regimen, we sometimes decide to deprive ourselves of the joys brought about by hearty Christmas fare, avoiding them altogether.

Our advice is to just relax a little bit with your diet during the holidays, but don’t overdo the holiday feasting and pigging out either. As long as you don’t have a potentially crippling medical condition that prevents you from enjoying all the holiday treats, there’s really no reason why you should do away with them completely.

Don’t forget to show your loved ones how much they mean to you

Whether it’s your mom, dad, sibling, best friend, inaanak, teacher, or someone else, never forget to let them know this Christmas season just how much they mean to you. Simply telling them so is probably enough, but giving them a simple present—an aguinaldo—is the traditional Filipino way of showing the people we love that we truly care about them.

How about you? What tips can you share to help others make the most of the Christmas season this year?

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