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6 New Gadget Gift Ideas to Kick off the 2018 Christmas Season

September 11, 2018

6 New Gadget Gift Ideas to Kick off the 2018 Christmas Season

It’s the “ber” months once again, and for Pinoys everywhere, this only means one thing: it’s the time of the year when Jose Mari Chan, Mariah Carey, and the Aegis band begin to serenade us with their lovely, awe-inspiring contributions to the Yuletide holiday canon.

And while this may be the season of boys and girls selling lanterns on the street, of not wanting anything else but to canoodle with your S.O., and of your stingy boss giving you your yearly Christmas bonus, it’s also the season of getting yourself, your family, and your friends some well-deserved gifts for the holidays.

So, get your wallets ready as we present to you the shiniest new gadgets from Poundit.com that you can gift yourself and your loved ones for the 2018 Christmas holidays!

Geekkery Cables

Have you always lamented the fact that many OEMs and top electronics brands seem to be selling charging cables that are just one step above biodegradable? Use the cable that comes with your gadget for just a couple of months, and already, you’ll see it beginning to fray and fall apart in places. And the worst part of it all? The cable costs an arm and a leg to replace with an original replacement!

Not to worry though, because our geniuses at Poundit.com have come up with a simple yet brilliant solution to this problem in the form of the Geekkery brand of charging cables. These affordable, durable, and colorful cables are meticulously crafted and are made to reflect the personality of their owners. They would make a perfect “generic” Christmas gifts for the people you care about!


Whether you love spending time at the beach or lounging about by the poolside, the new JBL GO 2 portable speaker is your new best friend. This speaker not only sports an IPX7 waterproof rating, it also comes in 12 new eye-catching colors—not unlike your favorite Christmas parols! Furthermore, it comes equipped with other awesome features, including a powerful battery that offers 5 hours of continuous playtime, a noise-free speakerphone that allows for crystal-clear conference calls, and an audio cable output that lets you enjoy your music even if Bluetooth is not available at the moment.

Fujifilm Instax Mini 70 Camera

What better way to welcome the holidays than by having the perfect tool to exercise your creativity through instant photographs? Whether your chosen subject is the Ayala Triangle Christmas lights, the colorful entries at the UP Lantern Parade, or your loved ones attending your gazillion reunions this holiday season, the Fujifilm Instax Mini 70 camera is a gadget you can trust to preserve all your precious memories.

This camera not only has a selfie mirror and a selfie mode to make taking self-portraits easier for you, it also boasts an Automatic Exposure Control feature that lets you capture bright backgrounds and bright subjects no matter the lighting condition.

Amazon Fire HD 8 Kids Edition

With a case designed for little hands and created to protect against big drops, the Amazon Fire HD 8 Kids Edition is an ideal tablet for children who love gadgets. On top of its robust, drop-proof, and colorful rubber exterior, the Amazon Fire HD 8 Kids Edition is equipped with other child-friendly features, including easy navigation elements, enticing background colors and fonts, age-appropriate content, profiles with no access to in-app purchases, and parental controls that allow parents and guardians to limit access to videos and games while encouraging the use of learning and educational apps.

LG G7 Thin Q

What’s not to like about the new LG G7 Thin Q? with its high-end specs, beautiful metal and glass body, long battery life, and 1440-pixel FullVision IPS LCD display, it’s hard to not to give this worthy smartphone a serious consideration this Christmas holidays. And as the name suggests, this phone is also powered by LG’s ThinQ artificial intelligence platform, which means you can connect the phone to a whole host of other LG ThinQ products so that you can control them from your handheld device.

Mi Band 3

Ever since the first generation of Mi Band came out in 2014, Xiaomi fans have loved this line of fitness trackers. While those early Mi Bands could only keep track of basic fitness and sleep elements, the Mi Band 3—the product’s latest iteration—dials everything up to eleven with its full list of features. With this fitness tracker, you will have access to a find-your-phone feature, weather forecasts, and notifications for incoming messages, emails, and phone calls. This is on top of its ability to measure heart rate, calories burned, steps walked, and distance covered, as well as providing sleep management options and reminding you that you are sliding back to a sedentary lifestyle. It’s the perfect companion for keeping weight gain blues away this holiday season!

No matter your lifestyle or your gadget needs, you can be certain that Poundit.com has the perfect gift items this Christmas season. Order now!

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