Romoss Sense 6 Plus: 6 Reasons This Power Bank is a Bestseller

Romoss Sense 6 Plus: 6 Reasons This Power Bank is a Bestseller

The Romoss Sense 6 Plus power bank is one of our best-selling products at It isn't hard to see why. This powerful Romoss power bank has practically everything you need to power up your mobile devices efficiently and safely.

What makes it a cut above the rest? Does it really live up to the hype? Let's check why this Romoss power bank is a top choice among gadget enthusiasts.

1. Best bang-for-the-buck power bank

The budget-friendly Romoss Sense 6 Plus costs only around ₱1,000. But this power bank doesn't stop there.

At a lower price than lower-capacity power banks, the Romoss power bank has a massive capacity rating of 20,000 mAh. Power banks from other brands come with lower mAh ratings but can set you back over two thousand bucks.

2. Superior charging power

Need to juice up a lot of power-hungry devices? No worries—the Romoss Sense 6 Plus got you covered with its 20,000 mAh capacity. The power bank can fully charge an iPhone 6s for nine times, an iPhone 6s Plus for five times, or a Samsung Galaxy S6 for 5.4 times.

The only trade-off for the high charging capacity is that the Romoss Sense 6 Plus can't fit in a pocket. Still, it's a great portable charging device for traveling tech junkies who need all their gizmos fully juiced up.

This power bank is compact enough to fit in any bag, so you can make a quick charge anywhere and anytime you need it.

3. Fast charging time

Count on the Romoss Sense 6 Plus power bank to quickly charge mobile your devices. With its 5V 2.1A output port, this portable charger can power up an empty 2,800mAh smartphone battery in as fast as two hours.

The Romoss power bank can charge two mobile devices at the same time, thanks to its two USB ports. Its sync charge feature also allows charging both the power bank and mobile device simultaneously—no need to power them up separately.

4. Functional features

The Romoss Sense 6 Plus packs a lot of features to enhance its functionality and ensure a long service life.

  • Backlit LCD display - Shows charging status and remaining power capacity, so you'll know when the Romoss power bank needs charging
  • Fit charge technology - Automatically selects voltage for the device to prevent overcharging
  • Anti-heat protection - Makes the Romoss Sense 6 Plus stop charging when the power bank or smartphone overheats
  • Short circuit prevention - The Romoss power bank automatically turns off once excessive power surge or inconsistent power voltage is detected
  • Auto power on/off function - The power bank starts charging when a mobile device is detected and stops charging when the device is fully charged

5. Durable and stylish

Another strength that makes the Romoss Sense 6 Plus a best-selling power bank is its build quality. Made of high-grade PC+ABS material, the Romoss power bank resists both heat and impact. It's scratch resistant, too, so its elegant white finish won't get ruined.

6. Globally recognized brand

Lastly, brand reputation is also a major deciding factor for power bank buyers. Romoss is known worldwide for its innovative power banks and other charging solutions.

Check out's Romoss Sense 6 Plus power bank review to know more about what to expect from this impressive, best-selling Romoss power bank.

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