6 Videos of Road Incidents That Highlight Why You Need a Dashcam

6 Videos of Road Incidents That Highlight Why You Need a Dashcam

Dashboard cameras or dashcams have rapidly increased in popularity in the Philippines over the last few years, thanks in no small part to the low confidence that many of us have over the situation of our roads. Although these cameras have been around for ages, it is really only now that they are finding their way into the vehicles of regular drivers. In fact, Xiaomi dashcams and Abee dashcams are among the most popular items on Poundit.com at present.

Most people use dashcams because they provide an additional layer of security. After all, knowing that everything that is happening in front of your vehicle (or behind it) is being recorded can give you better peace of mind. For instance, a dashcam footage can work as corroborating evidence that can prove your innocence in the event of a major accident.

If you’re still on the fence as to whether or not you should get a dashcam for your car, the videos below might change your mind. Here are 6 videos that highlight why you need to buy a dashcam in the Philippines today.

This Horrifying Road Accident That Happened in Tuba, Benguet

In February 2016, a motorcycle rider was hit by an overtaking vehicle while he was crossing the Badiwan Bridge in Tuba, Benguet. The accident was recorded by the dashcam of another vehicle, whose passengers were heard screaming as the overtaking Mitsubishi Adventure slammed into the motorcycle, sending its rider spreadeagle into the air before landing on the pavement. Luckily, the man survived with just minor injuries.

These Super Lame Attempts at Faking Road Injury in China

We’ve all heard about those despicable individuals who purposefully swan dive into other people’s vehicles in the middle of the road for the purpose of faking injury and scamming the drivers out of their hard-earned money. In China, these scams are known as “pengci” or “porcelain bumping.” Understandably, this term originally referred to the practice of dishonest shopkeepers, who would place expensive porcelain items in corners where they can be easily toppled by perusing customers.

The video above demonstrates how you can prevent fraudulent personal injury claims with the help of a dashcam. The person who posted it on YouTube describes a mentally ill lady faking an accident in Jinhua, China, but it is also possible that the woman simply flipped out because her scam was not working out as planned.

This other video above, on the other hand, shows a scammer who doesn’t even seem to be trying at all. Girl, either go big or go home!

This Tricycle Driver Who Went Full on Beast Mode during an Encounter in Batangas

Now check out this tricycle driver, who went stark raving mad during an incident in Batangas back in August 2016. According to the owner of the vehicle, their delivery truck was cruising along Maharlika Highway in Santo Tomas when suddenly, a tricycle cut into the truck’s lane and even clipped its side mirror. Things quickly escalated from that point. The tricycle driver was caught by the dashcam blocking the delivery truck with his trike before damaging the truck’s wipers and throwing several blows on the latter’s windshield. Ano’ng sumapi sa ‘yo kuya?

This Traffic Police Officer Who Slapped a Woman He Flagged Down on EDSA

Who could ever forget this incident involving a traffic police officer from the PNP Highway Patrol Group, who slapped a woman driver that he flagged down on EDSA back in September 2016? The officer was recorded by the dashcam signaling for the woman to stop, an instruction which she promptly complied with. Note, however, that the policeman appeared to briefly bump the hood of the car with his behind.

What happened next was out of frame, but the dashcam’s microphone kept on recording the exchange. The woman asked “yes, po?” but the police officer responded with “pina-stop kita, babanggain mo ako?” Immediately right after that, the policeman can be heard slapping the woman, and the two individuals started to argue. The officer later reasoned that the woman was trying to run him over, but most netizens took the side of the driver.

This Speeding 22-Wheeler Truck That Killed 5 People in Quezon City

Time and again, dashcams have proven to be very useful in documenting road accidents and other incidents. Ultimately, these footages help in prosecuting wrongdoers. Take for instance this video of a speeding 22-wheeler truck, which plowed through vehicles in front of it while it was traversing the Batasan-San Mateo Road in Quezon City back in October 2017. It ravaged an AUV, 2 motorcycles, 2 tricycles, a car, and a tow truck. In the end, 5 people died and 14 were injured in the incident. The driver was taken into custody by police officers, who reported that the truck was traveling with overloaded cargo.

Dashcams have emerged to become one of the most important and useful gadgets that Filipinos can own today. If you’re planning to buy a dashcam for your vehicle soon, check out the ones we have here on Poundit.com

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