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7 Cool Facts about Xiaomi Gadgets You Probably Didn't Know

November 21, 2018

Xiaomi Philippines

If you're an avid tech enthusiast, Xiaomi must be on your radar. In recent years, the Beijing-based electronics brand has built a solid presence in the Philippines with its affordable products that provide great value without scrimping on quality.

Be in the know with these fun facts that will satisfy your inner geek.

1. The Xiaomi logo has hidden meanings

Xiaomi logo

The MI logo on Xiaomi gadgets looks simple, yet it's hard to ignore. Ever wondered what it means?

We'll unlock the mystery for you. According to Xiaomi itself, the MI in its logo stands for "mobile internet." It may also mean "Mission Impossible" (not the movie, though) to signify the many challenges that the company has overcome when it was just starting out.

Literally, the two Chinese characters 小米 in Xiaomi means "little millet" or "little rice" (Go, look it up on Google Translate!). It refers to a Buddhist concept that symbolizes starting small before aiming for greater things.

Turned upside down, the MI in the Xiaomi logo looks like a Chinese character that means "heart."

2. Xiaomi vs. Apple gadgets: You can hardly tell the difference!

Buy Xiaomi laptop

Xiaomi is considered China's Apple. More aptly, it should be dubbed the budget-friendly Apple. Almost every inch of a Xiaomi smartphone or laptop is reminiscent of Apple's minimalist, elegant design.

So if the steep price tag of an Apple device holds you back from buying it, you can find a great bargain with a Xiaomi gadget as an alternative. Case in point: Xiaomi laptops that can rival MacBooks.

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3. Xiaomi isn't just about smartphones

Xiaomi electric bike

Xiaomi is best known as a smartphone manufacturer. But other than mobile phones, did you know that the brand also has smart home products under its belt?

Unknown to many, Xiaomi makes lifestyle products for home automation, which means you have interconnected devices that you can control with just one smartphone app. Xiaomi offers smart TVs, smart rice cookers, air purifiers, electric bikes and scooters, and more. Isn't that cool?

Let's take a quick look at some of Xiaomi's lesser-known yet awesome gadgets.

  • MiJia Sphere Camera Kit - A tiny yet powerful action camera for capturing your adventures with 360-degree wide panoramic shots
  • Mi Home Security Camera - A smart surveillance camera for home security that records high-resolution 1920 × 1080 footage directly onto an SD card
  • Mi Smart Scale - More than just a weighing scale, this smart scale measures your body mass index (BMI), metabolism, bone mass, muscle mass, and other fitness stats that you can view at the Mi Fit app
  • MiJia Robot Vacuum - A battery-powered vacuum cleaner that connects via Wi-Fi and does the cleaning for you for more than two hours

4. Xiaomi sold more than a million phones in just a day (not just once but twice!)

No one can deny the massive appeal of Xiaomi smartphones. In fact, on November 11, 2014, Xiaomi sold more than 1.16 million phones in just 24 hours during its Single's Day Sale.

Less than a year later, Xiaomi broke its own record, selling 2.1 million smartphones online within 12 hours during its fifth-anniversary sale. This earned the Chinese manufacturer a Guinness World Record for the “most mobile phones sold on a single online platform in 24 hours." That's about 48 phones sold every second!

5. Xiaomi smartphones are the fifth highest selling in the world

Xiaomi smartphones

According to the International Data Corporation, Xiaomi sold 27.6 million units in the third quarter of 2017, making it the world's fifth largest smartphone manufacturer and joining the ranks of Samsung, Apple, Huawei, and Oppo.

6. Xiaomi smartphones can make you look better in selfies

Xiaomi smartphone selfie

While Xiaomi phones aren't marketed exactly as selfie smartphones in the Philippines, they come with a face beautification feature similar to that of Oppo and Vivo phones.

This built-in beautification feature in Xiaomi smartphones tweaks your shots based on your age and gender to make you photogenic in your selfies. With so many stunning self-portraits shot with a Xiaomi phone, you'll have a hard time choosing one for your social media profile pics!

7. Xiaomi developed its own mobile operating system


What sets Xiaomi mobile devices apart is their proprietary operating system, the MIUI (Mi User Interface). Based on the Google Android OS, the latest MIUI 9 version boasts fast launch speed for system apps and third-party apps.

    Who doesn't get amazed by Xiaomi as a brand and its products? We can't wait to see it growing in the Philippines soon.

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