7 Gadgets Every Pinoy Music Lover Must Have

7 Gadgets Every Pinoy Music Lover Must Have

Most of us listen to music casually. However if you truly, madly deeply love music, then you’re probably the type to collect all the best audio devices and accoutrements money can buy. In this article, we offer a few suggestions on some of the best things you can purchase if you’re a true-blue Pinoy music lover.

A Karaoke Mic

The karaoke microphone—a device embedded with microchip that transforms any television into a karaoke machine—is a permanent fixture in many Filipino homes. If you love music and also happen to love singing, this is definitely a device you must have.

A Portable Speaker

Whether you’re planning to go on a study group, a beach outing, or a lazy tambay session with your friends, the day wouldn’t be complete without music. And what better way to share the tunes you love than by bringing along a Bluetooth-enabled portable speaker? They are compact in size, and most that come from reputable manufacturers offer such reliable sound quality that you can probably forego your car speakers or your full-sized home audio system in favor of them. Many portable speakers also offer additional features like water resistance (e.g. the JBL 3 speaker) and voice call support (e.g. the JBL Go speaker), making them an even better deal for music lovers.

A Spotify or Apple Music Subscription

In the smackdown of music streaming services, only two names emerge triumphant in the Philippines: Spotify and Apple Music. A paid subscription to either service gives you access to their libraries of 30 million songs and 40 million songs, respectively. You can download your favorite songs, save them in your phone, tablet, or computer, and play them whenever you want—even if you’re offline. The best thing about the Philippine editions of these streaming services is that their standard subscriptions cost just a fraction of what they cost in the United States—just PHP 129 or USD 2.40 in the Philippines compared to USD 10 in the USA. Babarat ka pa ba?

A Turntable

No music lovers’ arsenal will be complete without a turntable. This retro device is used for playing records or vinyl discs, which are preferred by many audiophiles and music connoisseurs either by virtue of nostalgia or because of the apparent superior quality of the sound they produce over digital copies. Many turntables today are also very affordable, with entry-level models costing anywhere between PHP 7,000 and PHP 15,000.

A Pair of Sports Earphones

While music is food for the soul, the body likewise needs nourishment and care. One of the ways to do this is by getting regular exercise, and if you’re a music lover, you’re bound to take your music with you when you exercise. However, sweat and intense body movements can potentially ruin a low-quality pair of earphones. This is why you need ruggedized earphones that can meet the rigors of intense workout sessions. The Creative Outlier Sports earphones, for instance, is a pair of high-performance wireless in-ear earphones that is sweat-proof with a rating of IPX4. The IP55-rated Aftershokz Trekz Titanium is likewise sweat-proof, but it offers the added benefit of ensuring that your ear can still hear ambient sounds, which is a great safety feature, especially if you’re jogging on the streets of Metro Manila.

A Pair of Wireless Headphones

Years ago, the only options for those who wanted their music on-the-go were traditional in-ear earphones or bulky wired over-ear headphones. These days, music lovers have the option of getting wireless Bluetooth headphones that are not only stylish, compact, and durable but also comprehensive in terms of specs. Take for instance the Soho Wireless from Harman Kardon. Made of stainless steel and premium stitched leather, it features a fold-flat design for portability and ease of travel, as well as 30mm drivers and neo-transducers for refined sound quality across all frequencies.  If you’re looking for more affordable options, consider the BlueAnt Pumpzone Headphones, the Sony Extra Bass Bluetooth Headphones, and the iFrogz CODA Wireless Headphones.

A Sony Walkman Music Player

While playing music on one’s mobile phone is pretty much de rigueur these days, it’s still a good idea to have a dedicated music player that you can use to listen to your favorite sounds on the go. When it comes to such devices, the Sony Walkman brand is usually the first one that comes to mind. Nowadays, there are wireless Walkman players—like the Sony NW-WS413 and the Sony NWWS623/B—which resemble wireless headphones. Because there is no device that you have to keep in your bag, pocket, or arm strap, these Walkman players are more compact and more portable than all other Walkman players that came before.

If you’re a music lover yourself, let us know through our social media accounts what audio-related  items you would like us to sell on Poundit.
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