reasons to buy a GoPro action camera

7 Reasons GoPro is Still the Unbeatable King of Action Cameras

GoPro is to action cameras as Sony is to mirrorless cameras and DJI is to drones. Despite cheaper alternatives swarming the market, GoPro remains to be the go-to action camera brand today.

Here are the compelling reasons to buy a GoPro action camera rather than settle for anything less. Lights! Camera! ACTION!

1. GoPro popularized action cameras


The GoPro brand is synonymous with action cameras that even those from other brands are sometimes incorrectly called GoPros, like how we refer to any toothpaste brand as Colgate and photocopiers as Xerox.

GoPro has revolutionized the way people document and view their one-of-a-kind experiences and everyday lives. Before the first GoPro came out in 2004, who would've thought it's possible to capture amazing underwater, time-lapse, and slow-motion videos with just a tiny camera?

2. The GoPro HERO6 is the best action camera today

Tech reviews all hail the latest GoPro iteration as the best action camera on the market right now. When you buy a GoPro HERO6, you'll get more than just an upgrade to its predecessor.

All these HERO6 features contribute to the camera's ability to capture awesome footage and stills:

  • A new GP1 processing engine that allows 4K video recording at 60fps
  • Better image stabilization than the GoPro HERO5, eliminating shaky videos
  • Improved low-light performance and dynamic range than the HERO5
  • Waterproof down to 33 feet
  • Voice control for hands-free GoPro operation

To learn more about this action camera, check out our GoPro HERO6 review.

For the budget-conscious peeps who want the best a GoPro camera can offer, the GoPro HERO5 is still a great buy. The feature-packed yet affordable GoPro model shoots buttery smooth 4K videos at 30fps and sports a rugged, waterproof design and a rear touchscreen display.

3. It's a nearly indestructible camera

Swimming Naked? GoPro Hero5 Black can. Would you? 😉

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Just how tough is a GoPro action camera? Drop it from a thousand feet in the air or a hundred feet underwater, and the camera will still survive. Thanks to its sealed, sturdy case, the GoPro can withstand impact and harsh elements. It's so durable that kids can even use this camera without damaging it.

Even without a housing, both the HERO5 and HERO6 are waterproof to a depth of 33 feet. This built-in waterproofing makes GoPro well-loved anywhere in the world. You can take it to your underwater and aerial adventures without having to worry getting its internal parts wet.

4. GoPro offers endless mounting possibilities for unique POVs

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GoPro's greatest appeal lies in its ability to shoot awesome, never-before-seen POV footage. You can practically attach it anywhere. Wear on your wrist or chest. Put a GoPro on animals. Mount it on your bike, helmet, drone, kayak, or what-have-you. Is there anything a GoPro can't fit into?

When you buy a GoPro, consider getting camera mounts and other GoPro accessories to add fun to your hands-free shooting!

To know the perfect GoPro accessories to buy, check out this helpful guide.

5. The built-in Wi-Fi enhances GoPro's versatility

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GoPro is the most versatile action camera around. Using its Wi-Fi, you can fully control the action camera remotely wherever it's mounted. It also shows a live feed of the scene it's capturing, so you can monitor it right on your smartphone.

Want to share your selfies and videos? No problem. The built-in Wi-Fi also allows you to post them directly on your social media accounts.

6. The QuikStories app adds fun to the GoPro experience

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By itself, GoPro is a great action camera. But you can take it further by pairing it with Android and iOS devices via the QuikStories mobile app. QuikStories compiles and transfers your clips from GoPro to your mobile device and then edits them into a stunning video for instant sharing on social media.

GoPro's hardware and software combination—something you won't find in similarly specced action cameras—makes it stand out from the competition.

7. GoPro allows you to create epic videos

'Nuff said. We'll just leave this compilation of the best GoPro videos here.


Although some of today's action cameras can get close to what GoPro can do, nothing still compares to GoPro's stature as the most versatile camera. It may not be the cheapest action camera around, but with its wide range of superior features and capabilities, you're sure to get your money's worth when you buy a GoPro camera.

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