8 Gadgets You Need for a Relaxing Tambay Session

8 Gadgets You Need for a Relaxing Tambay Session

A tambay in everyday Filipino parlance refers to a person who bums around the home all day either due to laziness or joblessness. Sometimes, an individual can also be a temporary tambay, but only because it’s probably the weekend or they’re on a holiday, and they just want to laze about for a few hours. Tambay also happens to be a verb, and the word “tumambay” means precisely to engage in said activities—or non-activities.

Lately, tambays have been in the news because of the police’s crackdown on drunkards, vagrants, and other sub-categories of tambays. However, there are actually dozens of other ways to be a tambay other than being the stereotypical bum. There’s making tambay in a third-wave coffeehouse while drinking artisanal coffee from Ethiopia or Nicaragua. There’s meeting up with your girl friends from around the neighborhood to discuss the latest products available from Avon and Natasha. There’s also calling up your homies so that you can all play Magic: The Gathering out in your car park because it’s so hot indoors. Then there’s also simply hanging around with your significant other at the liwasang bayan.

Understandably, a lot of tambay activities today also involve gadgets. After all, many electronic devices are used as tools for entertainment, and they can be very convenient to carry around wherever you want to spend your time idly. If you need some inspiration about which gadgets to have for your next tambay session, we’re more than happy to help! Our suggestions are provided below.

An Android TV Box

With the fuzz currently going around arresting shirtless folks who are hanging around their front yards, there’s more reason to just stay inside your home and enjoy the whole other world of Android-mediated content. An Android TV Box like the Xiaomi Mi Box is the device to have when you want to conveniently access Netflix, iFlix, YouTube and other streaming services as if they were regular TV channels. With an Android TV box, you can also play games, listen to music, and watch the news. What else do you need?

A USB OTG Flash Drive

If you’re going to spend quality time with your friends and you’re planning to swap legally acquired (ahem) episodes of your favorite koreanovelas, HBO series, and local soap operas, forget about bringing your bulky laptops and hard drives, and bring a USB on-the-go flash drive instead. A USB OTG flash drive like the MiLi iData Pro is the size of a small chocolate bar and provides up to 32GB of storage space—pretty spacious for all your tambay-slash-binge watching sessions.

A Portable Speaker

Often, a tambay session won’t be complete without music. However, you don’t have to run your phone’s battery into the ground by playing your sounds on your mobile device. Instead, you can get a dedicated portable speaker so that you can share your awesome playlist with your friends or listen to your favorite songs alone during your quiet me time. Whether you love Kygo, Camila Cabello, Post Malone, Kendrick Lamar, Avicii, Taylor Swift, or Beyoncé, you’re sure to love the compactness and functionality of a portable speaker. Consider getting a waterproof variant like the Braven 105, Sony XB10, or JBL Charge since sudden thunderstorms in the Philippines suck.

The 2018 Apple iPad

The new Apple iPad is super affordable, possesses a Retina Display, and now supports the Apple Pencil—the Cupertino-based company’s digital stylus pen that is designed for creative work. If you love sketching or painting during your free time, then the iPad and the Apple Pencil are definitely worth having for your artistic tambay sessions. No need to pay so much for a couple of hours in an art café. Do your best impression of Monet or Van Gogh right in the comfort of your own garden.

A Robot Vacuum

You can’t tambay properly if your wife or nanay keeps on nagging you about cleaning the floors (now, not later). What you need is a Roomba-type smart vacuum cleaner that can do the cleaning on its own. The Xiaomi MiJia robot vacuum, for instance, is capable of intelligent path planning, thanks to its 12 different sensors that monitors its movements in real-time and calculates the layout of your home.

An Electric Kettle

Hot tablea chocolate drink, coffee with pan de sal, and tea with calamansi are quintessential Filipino merienda staples. And now that it’s the rainy season again, there’s probably no better way to spend the rainy days than lazing about the house with these hot beverages within easy reach. To be able to prepare them, you need a reliable electric kettle that can efficiently heat water within minutes. In this case, the Mi Electric Kettle is just what the doctor ordered.

A Phone Battery Case

When there’s absolutely nothing to do, you sometimes don’t realize just how much you rely on your phone until it runs out of juice. As such, investing in a high-quality phone battery case like the Phonesuit Elite 7 PRO and the MiLi Power Spring 6 should help ensure that your phone has enough power to tide you over until you’re ready to stand up from the couch once more.

A Himalayan Salt Lamp

Himalayan salt is purported to provide a variety of benefits that may seem like new age mysticism for many people. However, what’s undeniable is that it’s very beautiful as a decorative item, and even more so if it’s used as a lamp. Poundit.com’s Urpower Edge Houseware Himalayan Salt Lamp is just that. Its amber glow will make your lazy days at home more relaxing as it imbues the indoors with a romantic and spa-like atmosphere.

Being a temporary tambay  is actually beneficial to your health and sanity because it’s a form of relaxation. And with these awesome gadgets on hand, you can be sure that the hours you spend lazing about will be all worth the while. 

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