8 Gift Ideas for Your Best Friend This Christmas

8 Gift Ideas for Your Best Friend This Christmas

If anyone deserves to experience the joys of the Christmas season to the fullest, it’s your BFF, biffy, bestie, BAE (Before All Else), or ride-or-die—in other words, your best friend, or the one who’s been there for you all year round!

This Christmas, you can opt to spoil them silly, gift them with a concrete measure of support for their everyday troubles, or cash in on something that you can enjoy together. Here at Poundit, we even make it easy for you to give meaningful gifts to your best friend this season. We have, for example, our Christmas Mystery Box Promo, which lets you pick a gadget goodie box for your BFF at a price tier you can afford. For example, choose a PHP 7,000 JBL Mystery Box, and leave it up to us to put together a collection of awesome JBL audio products that you can surprise your friend with. We have many other mystery box options that you can choose from.

However, if you’d rather give your friend products that you can pick yourself, and you want to save cash at the same time, then take advantage of our Christmas Daily Voucher Promo. Simply choose the products you want and apply the voucher code “POUNDITXMAS” when you checkout. The discount you’ll get can be anything from PHP 100 to PHP 5,000, so you really have the chance to save big time when you shop with us this holiday season!

Now, if you’re still having a tough time figuring out what exactly to give your pal this Christmas, don’t fret. In this short guide, we’ll provide you with a quick list of gift ideas for the holidays.

A streaming stick to gear up for your next big TV binge session

Do you and your bestie enjoy bonding over TV shows? Are they a serial Netflix binger? The perfect gift for a friend who’ll chat you up about the latest big plot twists in shows like Game of Thrones, House of Cards, or Black Mirror is likely a streaming device like the Google Chromecast. Your buddy can plug this nifty little gadget right into their TV and enjoy up-to-date content on demand and instantly. They can enjoy streaming on their own, or host an episode premiere with you and your other friends at their home, complete with pizza, popcorn, and beer.

A sturdy charging cable to keep them powered up throughout the day

When you’re apart, you and your best bud probably keep in contact via Facebook Messenger, Viber, Snapchat, or Telegram. What’s a better gift to help them stay wired to you, their folks, and the world at large than a smartphone cable? Shop at our Geekkery page for a specialty mobile device cable that won’t break the bank, break easily during use, or let you break your promise to stay connected to loved ones, no matter what. Naturally, they have to have a powerbank to go with that charging cable, so consider getting them one as well while you’re at it.

A planner or organizer they can use at work or school

If your bestie needs something to help them keep track of the days ahead, then get them a 2019 planner. You can choose among the many planners commercially available from retailers to fit your bud’s aesthetic, personal, and creative choices. You can also throw in some small extras to make writing in a planner more fun, such as stickers or colored pens.

An action camera for their next adventure

If you have a best friend who’s into recording all their awesome outdoor adventures or their death-defying weekend warrior exploits, then consider giving them a new action camera that they can use to capture more awe-inspiring footages. If you’re trying to save some cash, there are swak-sa-budget units from brands like SJCAM and Sandmarc, which come with equally affordable accessories. However, you don’t have to disregard premium brand like GoPro just because you think you can’t afford to give one to your BFF. Poundit’s GoPro Bundeal promo is currently ongoing, so this is actually the perfect time to get a GoPro HERO 7 Black, which you can pair with a FREE kit (Starter Kit, 360 Kit, or Roadtrip Kit) when you shop from our store.

A portable speaker for their next outing

Get your best friend psyched up for the next big beach trip or outdoor adventure with their own portable speaker, such as the Divoom Voombox Travel or the equally portable JBL GO 2.  They’ll have the option to charge it up for a few hours, slip it in the pocket of their bag, and enjoy their favorite tunes on Spotify played back at full blast. 

Gift certificates for the products and services they love

Contrary to popular belief, GCs aren’t a cop-out type of gift. Depending on where they come from, your best friend will likely be very happy to receive them. Cut away the risk of being generic by buying GCs from a place that your best friend already frequents or would love to shop from. If they’re passionate about gourmet food, tuck GCs from a deli into their gift envelope; if you think they’d love a pampering at a salon or a clean cut and shave at the barbers’, go treat them to a session. With GCs, it’s your thoughtfulness that will surely count. 

Concert or show tickets for an experience of a lifetime

If you know that your buddy loves the stage or a particular musical artist, keep an eye out for show tickets. Scout around for good seats for the musical they’d always wanted to watch, or a concert where their favorite musicians are on the marquee. For sure, they’ll freak out about the gift of a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity! 

Something customized or homemade

Some friends are exceptionally easy to shop for, and you have a feeling they’ll be happy to receive anything regardless of price or gift type. For that class of simple and down-to-earth best friends, you can go the extra mile by getting them a gift with their name printed or embroidered on it. You can also cook or bake them something special, or start a simple craft project that plays off their favorite colors, their fandoms, and the like.

All in all, it’s a great time to make your best friend feel loved and listened to, and to celebrate all those years of solid friendship. Merry Christmas, and here’s to hoping that #BestFriendsForever will stay true to the two of you!
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