How to Be Really Good at Taking Groufies

Ellen de Generes Groufie -- The Simpsons Version

Do you always end up chopping someone’s head off in a groufie? Are you struggling to get a single clear shot of you and your friends? Then try out these tips for capturing the perfect barkada shot:

Get the right angle.

If you want to fit the most people in your groupfie, try taking the photo from the bird’s eye view. This means that if you’re the one taking the photo, better stand in the foreground and let the rest of the group assemble behind you. Then take the photo from above by raising your arms.


A similar rule applies even for smaller groups. The person taking the photo goes in front; everybody else goes to the back, preferably arranging themselves by height and/or diagonally. This is to maximize perspective and to prevent the taller ones from blocking the faces of your smaller friends.


Alternatively, you can go for the worm’s eye view: instead of taking it from above, take it from the ground looking up. Place the phone on the ground and get people to look down. Just make sure you have enough light for this angle to avoid casting shadows.

Or heck, just use a mirror.


Use a selfie stick.

Yes, it’s also great for groufies. Instead of trying to get your arms to reach further to fit everyone in the frame, just use the stick! This will also reduce shaking, as you don’t have to keep your arms raised until everyone’s ready.

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Make use of the timer.

If you don’t have one of those fancy selfie sticks with a remote control, then just set your smartphone’s timer to 5 seconds to take the shot. This will eliminate the need to press a button to take the picture, which can be hard when you’re already struggling to keep the phone steady. (It’s also great for people who want to strike a pose for the camera!)

Shaky hands?

Ask a friend to help balance your camera or phone. Let him or her support the other end of the gadget (or the selfie stick) so that you’d capture a clear groufie and not end up with a blurry shot.

If all else fails, get a smartphone with a camera specifically meant for the task.

One top option is the Huawei Ascend P7, which has an 8 MP front camera to make snapping group shots easier. That front camera even has a panoramic feature that can stitch 3 shots into one, beginning from the center, then from left to right. With those features, it’s easier to fit everyone in your group and their moms in the picture. Here's a sample shot taken by the group at AndroidPit:

Huawei Ascend P7 Groufie

A non-smartphone option is the GoPro. While originally made for those participating in extreme sports, this action camera is so light and compact that it’s easy to snap a groupfie with it. Just pair it with a 3-way mount, a gooseneck, or a grip to help you get the right angle.

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