There's an App for That: Christmas Edition

There's an App for That: Christmas Edition

Get into the Christmas spirit using your smartphone or tablet. Here are 5 interesting apps that you should consider downloading on your device to bring more cheer to the holidays:

NORAD Santa App 1  NORAD Santa Tracker App 2

  1. NORAD Santa Tracker
    Now celebrating its 60th year of service, the pioneering NORAD Santa Tracker program is now available as an app for download on your phone. Operated by the North American Aerospace Defense Command of the United States and Canada, it originally started as a phone hotline and eventually evolved into a website. Other than tracking Santa Claus, the app also has a host of other features. It has a Christmas song jukebox, an arcade with one game unlocked every day until Christmas Eve, videos, and a mini-library full of information about Christmas.

Google Santa Tracker App 1 Google Santa Tracker App 2
  1. Google Santa Tracker
    An alternative to the NORAD app, the Google Santa Tracker also offers a way for kids to track Santa’s journey around the world. Borrowing data from Google Maps, the app also has several Christmas-themed videos and 5 arcade games in it: Memory, Elf Jetpack, Rocket Sleigh, Dasher Dancer, Snowdown, and Gumball.

 A Call from Santa App 1 A Call from Santa App 2

  1. A Call from Santa
    Want to surprise your kids for being well-behaved this holiday season? Or are they misbehaving? Then download this free app. With this app, you have two options—to make a call to Santa or to schedule a call from Santa. Those calling Santa can leave his or her wishlist, ask what Santa’s up to right now, and even check the weather at the North Pole. Meanwhile, if you want to schedule a call from Santa for your kids, you can customize it to your child’s age, gender, and whether to put him or her on the naughty or nice list.

Instant Mistletoe App Mistletoe App 2

  1. Instant Mistletoe – Kiss Me
    No mistletoe in Manila? No problem. Just download this simple, straightforward app that displays a picture of a mistletoe plus falling snowflake animations on your phone. Open the app then dive in for a kiss.

Talking Santa App 1 Talking Santa App 2

  1. Talking Santa
    Is Talking Tom your favorite game? Then download the Christmas version of that fun app: Talking Santa. Coming from Outfit7, the same developer of Talking Tom, this app allows you to interact with Santa—tickle him, feed him cookies, receive gifts, and heck even roll a snowball over him. You can also send Christmas cards with a picture of Talking Santa and the rest of the Talking Animals using the app.
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