There's an App for That: 5 Apps for Your New Year's Resolutions

5 Apps for Your New Year's Resolutions

Got a bunch of New Year’s resolutions for 2016? Strive to actually achieve at least one of them this year with the help of these apps:

New Year’s Resolution: Get Fit

Free for Android and iOS; paid ad-free versions available

Jefit Workout App Jefit Workout App 2

Want to start an exercise routine, but don’t know where to start? Don’t have any money to pay for a personal trainer? Don’t even have access to the gym? Just want to track your progress? This fitness app is the answer to all of those questions. Jefit offers pre-made exercise routines for a wide variety of fitness goals, from losing weight and building muscle to training for specific sports. It even has fitness routines to suit the equipment that you currently have (and bodyweight routines for those who don’t have equipment). You can even create your own routines from their exercise database.

And if you need more encouragement, you can visit the Jefit community forums to seek advice. With all of these options, it’s definitely the #1 workout app out in the market.

New Year’s Resolution: Quit Smoking

Get Rich or Die Smoking
Free on Android, pro version available

Get Rich or Die Smoking 1 Get Rich or Die Smoking App 2

If health reasons are not enough for you to quit smoking, then maybe the amount of money you can save for other things will convince you to stop. And this app will definitely help you reach that goal. Simply set a reward to gun for and the rate which you smoke every day. The app will compute how many sticks for how many days you need to give up to buy your reward. And to ensure continued progress to finally quitting, you can also set multiple rewards.

New Year’s Resolution: Save Money

Free for Android, paid ad-free version available

Monefy App 1 Monefy App 2

Did you end up a financial mess last 2015? Use the Monefy app to get back on track and reach your financial goals. Start by setting a monthly budget on the app, then every time you make a purchase, tap it in. The app offers pre-set categories for expenses, such as Food, Eating Out, and Transportation; you can also add your cash accounts or credit cards (albeit manually). You can also export all your data into Dropbox for safekeeping.

New Year’s Resolution: Manage Time Better

TimeTune Schedule Planner
Free for Android, paid ad-free version available

TimeTune Schedule Planner 1 TimeTune Schedule Planner 2

Ditch that expensive planner. If you want to maximize your schedule down to the last hour of the day, then TimeTune is for you. This planner app allows you to create routines for a specific number of days, then helps you fit all the tasks you need to accomplish and all the activities you have into the number of hours you have. It also has a statistics panel so that you can check how much time you’ve spent on a specific activity plus the number of hours you sleep every night.

Free for Android and iOS

IF by IFTTT 1 IF by IFTTT App 2

The best way to manage your limited time is by automating small but important tasks. That’s where the IF app comes in. Created by the same group behind the website IFTTT (If This Then That), this app can automatically do a wide range of tasks. This includes changing your Twitter profile picture when you change it on Facebook, save email attachments from Gmail to Google Drive, and even automatically mute your phone when you arrive at the office. A wide range of options for automation is available, and you can even create your own combinations.

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