Top 5 Exercise Videos for Less Than 5 Minutes Each

Top 5 Exercise Videos Under 5 Minutes

Saying “I’m too busy to work out” is so last year. You can sneak in these 5-minute, no-equipment exercises throughout the day, whether at home or at the office. (And don’t forget to slap on one of these Jawbone fitness trackers before you begin to track your progress.)

  1. 5 Minute Yoga Routine – All Levels by Brett Larkin

    For a calm yet energizing start to your day, or if you need a breather by lunchtime, try this video out by certified yoga instructor Brett Larkin. Not only can this help you beat stress; it will also help you stay fit!

  2. 5 Minute Fat-Burning HIIT Cardio Workout from My Workout Buddy

    Want to get your heart pumping instead? Then follow this routine from My Workout Buddy. By threading a number of exercises from high knees and squats to burpees and spiderman push-ups in the course of 5 minutes, it’s one of the fastest ways to a buff body.

  3. Shaun T’s 5-Minute Fat Blasting Workout

    If video number 2 was a bit too hard for you, then try this 5-minute workout by Shaun T—yes, that guy who did Hip Hop Abs. Whatever your feelings towards the Doctor Oz show (where this was first shown), we assure you that this workout is legit and will help you shed some extra pounds.

  4. Run the World – Beyonce Dance Workout by Benjamin Allen

    There’s no better track to work out to than this power anthem by Beyonce. And for that, celebrity choreographer Benjamin Allen delivers. Dance to the beat of “Run the World” to get ready for the day ahead!

  5. Total Body Pilates 5 Minute Workout from

    However, if you’re looking for something more low-tempo than a HIIT or dance workout, then this bite-sized Pilates routine is for you. Led by Pilates instructor and Youtube star Cassey Ho, it’s a great beginner video for those who are looking for a low-impact yet ultra-effective workout.

If you complete them all, you’d end up getting 25 minutes worth of exercise for the day! But if you don’t, fret not. Other than some studies finding that quick bouts of exercise are just as effective as long ones, any short workout is still better than none at all. Happy exercising!

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