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Introducing Poundit Business! The future of B2B procurement. Join us on our upcoming webinar this Friday!

5 Weirdest Games You Can Play on Your Smartphone

 Smartphone Games

When talking about video games, the first things that come to mind are action-filled battles, engrossing adventures, or duking it out between friends in multiplayer. But when it comes to games on your smartphone, let’s just say things have turned a bit for the weird—and we’re not just talking about Flappy Bird. Here are 5 games that you’ll either enjoy or make you go “What?”

  1. Daddy Long Legs
    Available on iOS and Android

    Yes, it’s a reference to the spider—but don’t worry, no spiders were harmed in the making of this game. The aim of Daddy Long Legs is simple: get the eponymous creature balancing on two stilt-like legs to the finish line by tapping on the screen. However, it’s a lot harder than it sounds; with only two legs to balance on, getting the creature to walk even three steps is a challenge. Take that, Flappy Bird.

  2. Paper Toss and Paper Toss 2.0
    Available on iOS and Android

    Haven’t exactly left the habit of creating paper balls and throwing them around in high school? Or want to experience that again without the mess? Simply having a really boring day at the office? Then this is the game for you. Paper Toss and its newer iteration, Paper Toss 2.0, takes you to different locations around the corporate world to do one thing—throw a paper ball into a wastebasket. With various upgrades available to replace your paper ball, and many achievements to be unlocked, it’s the perfect time-waster for the workplace.

  3. Plumber Crack
    Available on iOS and Android

    If you’ve enjoyed Paper Toss, then let’s say this game is just a slightly more mischievous, more perverse version of it. Instead of trying to shoot random objects into a wastebasket, however, you’ll need to shoot ice cubes and other items in between the butt crack of the plumber while he’s/she’s fixing stuff under the sink. Yes, you’ve read that right. Now let the butt jokes commence.

  4. Drag Toilet Paper (and other toilet paper games)
    Available on iOS and Android

    Do you get that weird thrill from unrolling tissue paper? Then stop wasting those rolls and opt for this virtual version instead. Simply just swipe up and down, as fast as you can, to unroll the tissue in the least amount of time possible. And apparently, a lot of people enjoy this kind of game—while we can’t guarantee that Drag Toilet Paper is the first of its kind, a lot of its clones exist.

  5. Poop Rearing Simulator Mobile
    Available only on Android

    If there’s toilet paper, then poop won’t be far behind. Following in the footsteps of Tamagotchi, the object of the game is to take care of a brown turd until it grows. Claiming to be the mobile version of a game originally released in 1998, Poop Rearing Simulator Mobile may have retained bare-bones graphics, but still has maximum entertainment value. Or so we hope.

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