5 Must-Try Valentine's Day Apps

5 Valentine's Day Apps

Valentine’s Day is already this weekend. If you haven’t had the time to prepare a date for your beloved or basically find a date for you, then don’t fret, as these 5 apps are coming to your rescue:

Looking for a date?

Tinder and OkCupid aren’t your only options. Here are a couple of apps that you can try using to find a date for the weekend:

Available on Android and iOS

Happn Dating App 1 Happn Dating App 2

One nice alternative to Tinder is Happn, which basically operates on the same principle. The app allows you to check which guys or girls in the area are looking for a match. However, unlike Tinder you don’t need to swipe left or right right away to make a choice. On Happn, the profiles of your prospective matches are laid out before you, allowing you to go back and reconsider a prospect.

Available on Android and iOS

Peekawoo Dating App 1 Peekawoo Dating App 2

Tired of mindless swiping through Tinder? Rate compatibility first before you match on Peekawoo. Instead of basing everything on profile pictures and a short description, the app allows you to answer 5 questions. If you and your potential mate share a certain number of the same answers, then you are deemed compatible and can now message each other. This Q&A helps weed out unsavory characters from accessing your profile—a complaint shared by many on other dating apps or platforms.

Got a date or already attached?

Try out these apps:

Available on Android and iOS

Superdate.io Date Ideas App Superdate.io Date Ideas App

If you’re running out of date ideas, try the Superdate.io app. The app gives you suggestions on fun activities that you and your significant other can try out, from completing a jigsaw puzzle to going on a city tour. Below each activity are some statistics about the percentage of ladies versus the gents who like the said activity, plus which is a list of establishments where you can try it out.

Available on Android and iOS

Couplete Couples App 1 Couplete Couple App 1

Want to bring your communication with your significant other to the next level? Then don’t settle for just Viber or Facebook Messenger. Try Couplete. On top of providing a very secure platform for messages, the app also offers a bevy of other features such as a timeline, couple lockscreens, reminders for important dates, and more.

Still no luck? Forever alone?

Play 10 Billion Wives.
Available on Android and iOS

10 Billion Wives Game App 1 10 Billion Wives Game App 2

This strangely addictive clicking—or rather, tapping—game is fairly straightforward. Simply marry all the wives that you can, who then offer you Love Points. These points can be used to level up wives and give them gifts to boost the number of Love Points they produce. And once you complete them all, you get to unlock a secret artwork. We assure you, with all the effort and time you need to love all the wives in this game, you’ll forget all about looking for a date.

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