What Does Your Watch Say About You?

What Does Your Watch Say About You?

What Does Your Watch Say About You?

Who you are is not only defined by what you eat—it’s also by what you wear. And it’s not only about clothes, as your choice of watch also says a lot. So from months of careful yet non-scientific study, we have identified some common traits shared by wearers of specific watches.

Read on to know what your watch says about you:

The Apple Watch or the Huawei Watch

A smartwatch wearer can be either an early adopter or part of the early majority groups—which, according to Everett Rogers’ Diffusion of Innovations, have high financial liquidity and enjoy a higher social status.

But that’s not the only thing about you, if you wear a smartwatch. Whether Android or iOS, a smartwatch is chock-full of functions, which means that you enjoy being always online even if you’re always on the go. You also enjoy optimizing different aspects of your life based on data, as these smartwatches can collect information like a fitness tracker.

That said, you’re more of an urbanite; your weekends are spent either at home or just going around the city. Hence, these smartwatches provide only the right amount of water resistance—enough to resist sweat from a workout or light rain, but not being submerged.

Digital Watch
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The forerunner of today’s smartwatches, a digital watch may not have all the features that a smartwatch has. However, you may argue that you don’t necessarily need all those functionalities, which shows an important part of your character: everything in moderation. While you appreciate technology, you know it’s not the end-all be-all of everything, and so you appreciate being unplugged from time to time.

Speaking of being unplugged, that’s what you do every weekend—you can be usually found hiking through mountains or hitting the beach. You’re a weekend warrior and backpacker par excellence, which is why you chose a digital watch: it just has the features you need on your adventures, such as a stopwatch. Or that dual timezone feature, reminding you of the time in your new environment while keeping track of the time at home.

Many of these digital watches also boast of a tougher build and better water resistance than smartwatches. This means there’s no need to take it off when hiking through rough terrain or swimming in the ocean.  

Analog Watch

Simply put, analog watches only focus on doing one thing: telling the time. But they do that one purpose so well that they’re never been out of style and people still seek them out. That basically shows several facets of your character.

For starters, you’re the kind of person who would do one task at a time; multitasking is not for you. (Especially since multi-tasking is just the brain shifting from one task to another quickly.) You’d rather focus on completing one task properly instead of trying to accomplish everything at the same time.

Meanwhile, you also strive to keep things as simple as possible; you believe that simple solutions are the best solutions. So when faced with a new challenge, you don’t look for a newfangled gadget. You go back to basics instead to search for a solution.

And as much as possible, you avoid throwing money at a challenge instead of looking for a solution. In terms of watches: either you buy a simple inexpensive timepiece that works, or invest in a designer dress watch that increases in value as time goes by, one that can be considered a collector’s piece.

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