Keep Calm and Study: 7 Apps to Help You Cram

Keep Calm and Study: 7 Apps to Help You Cram

Keep Calm and Study: 7 Apps to Help You Cram

It’s Hell Week again! If you’re swimming in a ton of requirements and got exams the next day, you’re probably wondering if there’s a better, more efficient way for you to study. Have no fear, as technology can help you out in this arena. So try out these seven apps—they may just help you ace that exam or complete that term paper!

  1. StudyBlue Flash Cards
    Available on Android and iOS
    StudyBlue App StudyBlue App

    Even if your exam is coming up, you don’t need to feel blue if you’ve installed StudyBlue. This popular app allows you to create virtual flash cards on your smartphone to aid you in studying for an exam. Once you’ve created those flash cards, you can invite friends and classmates to join you in reviewing by creating a class.

    Alternatively, you can also check first if your class is already available on the app. By joining a class, you can make use of the materials that class already has, instead of creating your own from scratch. You can also set your class group to secret and require a password to limit the people who can access your class materials.

  2. Quizlet
    Available on Android and iOS
    Quizlet Study App Quizlet Study App

    An good alternative to StudyBlue is Quizlet. Like StudyBlue, it also allows you to make and create your own digital flash cards to help you memorize important terms. That said, it also offers a memory cards feature, where you pair the correct flash cards together. It also offers more flexibility than StudyBlue—while it also offers class groups, you don’t need to join one to access study material.

  3. Memrise
    Available on Android and iOS
    Memrise Study App Memrise Study App

    Stressed out because a foreign language exam is coming up, and you still have to build your vocabulary? Then this is the app for you. Unlike other flashcard apps, Memrise incorporates game elements such as earning points and unlocking achievements to make practicing foreign languages fun and easy. It also comes with a number of built-in modules for various languages, eliminating the need for you to build your own. And with each game/study session broken up into small chunks, you can squeeze in a Memrise study session while you’re commuting or in between classes.

  4. Anatomy Learning – 3D Atlas
    Available on Android
    Anatomy Learning App for Android

    Anatomy Learning App - Android

    Need to brush up on the names of different muscles in the body? Then you’ve found the right app. Designed for those studying medicine, nursing, or other allied health fields, this free app offers detailed 3D models of different parts of the body. The only downside of this app is that it requires a stable Internet connection to work. The models are so detailed that they only get downloaded when you decide to study them.

  5. The GoConqr App Suite (GoConqr, GoConqr Flashcards, GoConqr Mind Maps)
    Available on Android and iOS
    GoConqr Study App for Android GoConqr Study App for Android - Mind Maps

    Writing a term paper, but also need to memorize a few new terms? Then the GoConqr app suite is for you. Like StudyBlue and Quizlet, this app allows you to download digital flash cards—and create your own via the GoConqr Flashcards app.

    But it goes one step further as it also offers a mind map function through its sister app, GoConqr Mind Maps. These mind maps are a great help in creating an outline for your term paper. On top of that, you can also check out mind maps on the same topic made by other users, to help you out if you’re in a rut. With all these features, you’ll surely conquer all your classes in school.

  6. Khan Academy
    Available on Android and iOS
    Khan Academy Study App - Android Khan Academy Study App - Android

    One of the most popular education websites is now available as an app. The Khan Academy app is perfect for those who are looking to review various topics, from art and algebra to zoology, while on the go. The app allows you to read articles, watch videos, and even download them all for offline viewing. These help you understand lessons that you may have missed out on or confused you in class.

  7. RefME
    Available for Android and iOS
    RefME Study App - Android RefME Citations App Android

    Writing papers for a bunch of subjects and using different citation styles? Cut down the time and effort spent on writing them with the RefME app. Using the app, all you need to do is to snap a picture of the book’s barcode, and will automatically generate the citation for you. Thousands of citation styles are available, including Chicago, MLA, and APA, so you’ll never have a problem citing works properly.

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