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How to Plan a Killer Summer Vacation

How to Plan a Killer Summer Vacation

How to Plan a Killer Summer Vacation

It’s summertime once again and everyone’s just raring to get out of the city for a well-deserved vacation. But if you haven’t traveled a lot yet, organizing a trip seems daunting. To help you out, here are 7 tips that you should keep in mind—and something that’s worth reviewing, too, for veteran travelers:

  1. Organize a group of travelers. Unless you really want a trip for just you and your significant other, it pays to travel with a group. Traveling in a group allows you to split costs, such as vehicle rentals or tour guide fees, with other people.

    Of course, this doesn’t mean totally doing away with being a solo backpacker—you can still travel solo and make friends while you’re on the road.

  2. Choose a date efficiently. Let’s admit it—when asking friends to pick a date for the grand barkada trip, it’s hard to get a consensus because there’s always this one person who’s not free. Hence, to actually make things happen, you first have to come to terms that every single person in your group may not be able to go.

    Once you’ve accepted that fundamental truth, you can now draw up a list of available dates and ask your friends to note which dates are available. The date when the majority—or two-thirds—of your group is available will be the date of your trip.

  3. Read reviews—but read them critically. One common mistake of novice travelers is that they end up taking the photos on the hotel’s or resort’s website as gospel truth. Unfortunately, in this age of great photography and Photoshop, a mediocre place can easily look amazing.

    Hence, it’s important to look up the resort or hotel on Google first, or check its rating on TripAdvisor. With a bit of research, you can easily uncover what your accommodation is really like. That said, make sure to take reviews with a grain of salt as well, especially for budget accommodation. Travelers prioritize different things during a trip, so a deal-breaker for one person may be perfectly fine for you.

  4. If you’re afraid of crowds, avoid traveling on the weekends or holidays. This is especially true for some vacation hotspots that can only accommodate a limited number of tourists. For example, there have been stories of people sleeping overnight in their vans in Sagada and Vigan, after all available accommodation have been scooped up.

    Permits to enter some popular attractions, such as the Puerto Princesa Underground River, are also limited. But even with permits, attractions can still get horrifyingly crowded. For example, you wouldn’t want to hike up a mountain (in this case, Mount Kiltepan in Sagada) just to see this:

    Magmomoment ka sana sa Kiltepan habang nag-aabang ng pagsikat ng araw kaso nagmomoment din silang lahat. HAHAHA :(

    Posted by Dayanne Crisologo on Sunday, 5 April 2015

    So if you want to avoid the crowds, just use up some of your vacation leaves and go on a weekday. It’s better that way.


  5. Don’t create a too-tight schedule. When plotting your itinerary, don’t stuff too many activities in it. Leave some breathing room or free time in your schedule. Not only is it a safeguard against unexpected circumstances in your trip, such as delayed flights. If you also pack your schedule to the brim, you’ll end up feeling tired instead of being energized after your trip.

  6. Make sure your items are waterproofed. Whether you’re going to the mountains or the beach, you need to ensure that your electronic devices are in waterproof packaging. That way, if ever your bag gets wet, your gadgets will be safe.


    However, if you’re specifically looking for new gadgets to use during the trip, then you can just buy a waterproof one here on YouPoundit. Examples include the Sony Xperia M4 Aqua smartphone and the Sony SRS-X1 Wireless Waterproof Speaker.

  7. Google Maps is your friend. With the introduction of Google Street View in the Philippines, Maps is now more accurate. Whether you’re looking for accommodation to book or are figuring out the best way to go around town, you’ll get to use this app.
With these 7 tips, you’ll definitely be more prepared on the road. If this article is helpful, share it now on Facebook!
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