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The 5 Types of Pinoy Travelers

The 5 Types of Pinoy Travelers

5 Types of Pinoy Travelers

Since summer is here, expect to see everyone hitting the road to their favorite travel destinations. And with everyone traveling, you’re sure to encounter some interesting characters, whether you travel by land, air, or sea. Here are some of the most common types of travelers you’ll see this summer:

The Balikbayan

Favorite gadget: Sony Cyber-Shot DSC-H300

5 Types of Travelers - The Balikbayan

Whether it’s for a trip back home from a long stay overseas or just some other part of the Philippines, rest assured that the Balikbayan will be seen carrying at least three pieces of luggage. Those three pieces will be any combination of a box, a roll-on suitcase, and/or a big backpack; all packed to the brim with pasalubong—food, clothing, and other random souvenir items.

Unfortunately, all that luggage has made them a target of unscrupulous individuals who want a share of all the loot inside the bag. So don’t be surprised if you see their boxes bundled and bags wrapped in cling wrap. It’s just a security precaution to keep threats away.

The Lovebirds

Favorite gadget: Huawei Ascend P7

5 Types of Pinoy Travelers - The Lovebirds

Let’s just say that these two are mostly inseparable, whether they’re newly married or celebrating their nth anniversary with a second (or third) honeymoon. You’ll often see them holding hands while exploring a tourist attraction, snapping pictures of each other and the obligatory selfies. They are also likely to wear matching souvenir shirts from their latest trip or standard-issue couple shirts.

The Mountaineers

Favorite gadget: GoPro HERO4 Session

5 Types of Pinoy Travelers - The Mountaineers

One word describes their getup: rugged. Carrying big, almost overstuffed backpacks (or as they’d probably call it, efficiently packed), they are often seen wearing dry-fit long-shirts matched with convertible pants made of lightweight fabric. And don’t forget the Headware tied around the head.

In the rare chance that you gain access to their tight-knit group, they are the best people to be stranded with at some bus terminal. That’s not just because they have lots of funny stories to tell about their last climb. They also have a good stash of food in their packs, stashed in between a roll of rope, some clothes, and a first aid kit.

The Fambam

Favorite gadget: Sony Handycam® with Exmor R® CMOS sensor (HDR-CX405)

5 Types of Pinoy Travelers - The FamBam

Mama, Papa, Kuya, Ate, and even Lolo and Lola. You’ll meet the whole bunch of them on the road this summer, especially during the Holy Week break, as both classes and work are out. That said, due to the composition of the group, they’re likely to stick to the popular destinations on the tourist trail. They’re also the group you’ll encounter the most if you opt to stay at a resort, especially one with a beach.

The Barkada

Favorite gadget: ASUS ZenFone Selfie

5 Types of Pinoy Travelers - The Barkada

Mostly comprised of Millenials, this group might be looked down at by older travelers, especially when they stop every now and then to take a groupfie. Or it’s probably all the loud laughter they create. But don’t dismiss them just yet. All that laughter and noise are just expressions of their enthusiasm for traveling around the country; a real manifestation that it’s definitely more fun in the Philippines.

Do you know anyone in these groups? Are you part of any one of them? Do you think we missed out on other groups? Tell us on our Facebook page!

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