How to Take Care of Your Headphones or Earphones

How to Take Care of Your Headphones or Earphones

If you’ve recently invested in a high-end pair of headphones or earphones, you’d surely want to last them for a long, long time. Unfortunately, no audio accessory is indestructible; no matter how tough your cans may be, they’ll need a bit of TLC if you want them to survive into the future.

Hence, here’s a quick guide to help you keep your equipment in tip-top shape:

During Use

  • Protect the cable at all times.
    Cat versus cable

    Don’t just leave the cable lying on the floor while you’re listening to music—it’s better to have the extra length still rolled up. Keep it away from getting rolled over by chairs and being gnawed on by pets. And once you’re done, don’t pull the cable to detach your headphones from your phone or laptop. Pull it from the plug.


  • Don’t leave cables all tangled up.
    Of course, if you protect the cables during use, the same goes for storage. When packing your headphones, wrap the cable in the different ways shown in the video below. Or you can use one of those cord protectors to prevent tangling—and to add a bit of color to your audio equipment as well.

    Alternatively, if you just leave your headphones at home or at your desk, you can leave it on a hanging stand instead.

  • Get a proper storage case or pouch.
    This is especially important if you always bring along your headphones while you travel. Not only having a separate case will keep those cables in check—these will also help protect your headphones from dust, dirt, or from just getting knocked around.

    One great option for earbuds is the Gouache Leather Cord Organizer, pictured above. It also stores adapters and other cables.

  • Store it away from extreme temperatures and weather conditions.
    High humidity can affect the electronic parts inside your headphones, as well as extreme sunlight and heat. So if you want to listen to music this summer, just do it in the shade. The same applies to cold weather and the monsoon season. If your headphones are not waterproof, then don’t wear them out in the rain.


  • Assemble a DIY cleaning kit and use it.
    Of course, before you can start cleaning your cans, you should have the items for the job. But don’t worry—there’s no need for special cleaning materials, as all you need are some common household items. For starters, get a soft microfiber cloth for wiping down your headphones. No cleaning cloths? Baby wipes can do as well.

    Other tools in your arsenal can be a dry toothbrush, cotton swabs, or toothpicks to remove dirt from small, hard-to-reach places. And lastly, even if your headphone pads are made of leather, avoid using leather cleaners—they may destroy synthetic leather pads. A little tap water on a microfiber cloth can go a long way. The same applies to velour pads. 

  • Clean headphones regularly.
    Before stashing your headphones back in their case, give them a quick wipe-down with the cloth. This will remove all new dirt and help prevent buildup. For the full cleaning routine, once a month can do.

  • Clean ears regularly, as well.
    By keeping your ears free of dirt and earwax, you’ll keep those away from your earphones or headphones as well. Just remember to use a damp towel to wipe your ears clean. Using cotton buds can end up pushing the earwax deeper into your ear, instead getting it out.

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