Six Great Ways to Pack Your Gadgets

Six Great Ways to Pack Your Gadgets

Six Great Ways to Pack Your Gadgets

Whether you’re travelling though the city or going away for an outing, packing your gadgets well is always a great way to keep them safe. From phones and laptops, to cameras and gaming gadgets, we’ve picked out six of the best things you can do to keep your electronics dry and clean.

Let’s take a look at them below:

  1. Use a Bag Specifically Made for Laptops

    Having a laptop for on-the-go work is essential for both businessmen and freelancers. This allows them to have their files on hand to edit anywhere, allowing them to simply work outside their office. As such, choosing a bag to carry the laptop is a necessity. In this case, try using a bag—specifically, a backpack—made to hold your laptop and its accessories.

    A backpack is the best choice for a laptop bag because it balances the weight of your gadgets evenly on both sides of the body. This is especially since some laptops still weigh more than a kilo—and that’s without the accessories. If you use a shoulder bag, all that weight will be only on one shoulder, which may result in injury.

    Meanwhile, having a bag specifically designed for laptops eliminates the need for a separate laptop sleeve. Most of these laptop bags already have a padded compartment designed to protect your notebook.

    Lenovo ThinkPad Professional Backpack

    One example for this is the Lenovo ThinkPad Professional Backpack, which offers durability in a contemporary style. Its laptop compartment is capable of fitting at least 15.6" wide (380.6 x 270 x 36.6mm) notebooks. On top of that, this backpack offers padded compartments for greater protection for your laptops while maintaining a sleek, sophisticated style. It also has enough space and additional pockets to store your other accessories and items such as adaptors, mice, controllers, and tablets. Each backpack comes with a guaranteed one-year Lenovo official warranty.

  2. Get a Multi-Purpose Duffel Bag

    Duffel bags are usually great options when transporting electronics alongside your clothes or other items. For compartments, make sure your bag has at least three pockets and a side compartment that lets you separate your clothes from your electronics. Meanwhile, when it comes to the choice of material, waxed canvas is a great choice due to its water-repellent properties.

    Gouache Hogarth Bag in Asphalt Grey
    An example is the Gouache Hogarth Duffel Bag, a combined sports bag, travel bag and office bag. Made from waxed canvas, this duffel bag features a unique silhouette. With its handsome leather and zipper accents, it is one of the most stylish duffel bags around that’s ideal for everyday use. So whether you’re going on an out-of-town beach outing or to a lunch meeting in the city, its design won’t leave you looking out of place.

    The bag also features leather handles and a removable shoulder strap, making it ideal for both outdoor and urban use. And of course, its generous 19.5" x 10.5" x 10" size is enough space to store your laptops, tablets, and even cameras to wherever you’re going.

  3. Use Cases to Protect Your Smartphone

    Smartphones have become a necessity in this digital age. That’s why having smartphone cases to protect your devices is a must. Usually those with a dual defensive layer construction to protect against bumps, drops, knocks and accidental damage are best for your device.

    OtterBox Commuter Series for Samsung Galaxy S6
    When it comes to the choice of material, a high-impact polycarbonate shell, silicone skin and thermal-formed clear membrane can help guard against these impacts. It should also have an included screen protector also helps to keep your display scratch-free. One such case that meets all those requirements is the OtterBox Commuter Series for Samsung Galaxy S6.

    OtterBox Commuter Series for Apple iPhone 6
    For those who prefer the iPhone, the Apple iPhone 6 OtterBox Commuter Series wallet case is also a great item to have. Both cases also boast tight fitting covers to keep dirt and grime from building up in your smartphone’s jacks and ports.

  4. Use the Right Bag for Your Cameras

    A roll-up camera bag made of industrial-grade canvas is ideal if you’re a photographer. The material is waterproof enough to protect vital components like batteries, cables, and even mounting accessories. So if you’re the type who often goes on frequent outdoor trips and you own a GoPro, you can keep your equipment safe with the SANDMARC Armor Bag.

    SANDMARC Armor Bag
    Not only does it protect your GoPro; it’s designed to also carry monopods and camera poles, thanks to its compact roll-up construction. The SANDMARC Armor Bag also features on-and-off shoulder straps for travel, either within the city, or outdoors, perfect for every kind of activity. The bag is designed to fit all GoPro Hero cameras. It’s also incredibly lightweight, clocking in at only 0.3 kg., and spacious enough with a measurement of 10" x 4.5" (25cm x 11cm).

  5. For Smaller Gadgets, Use a Canvas Pouch

    Gouache Joey Pouch in Red
    Want to keep your smartphones, digital cameras, or even their gaming handhelds like the PS Vita or Nintendo 3DS dry? A water-repellent waxed canvas pouch bag, such as the Gouache Joey Pouch in Red, is perfect for everyday use. A generous 6 x 8 in. size lets you store most items; it can also hold your chargers, cables and extra attachments.

  6. Use a Cord Organizer for Storing Cables

    Gouache Leather Cord Organizer in Old Rose
    USB cables and charging wires are just as important as your devices. Unfortunately, they tend to get tangled up with your other headphone wires and other devices if stored improperly. Using the twist tie wires that came with them can be a cheap option, but if you want to make them completely safe? Try using a storage solution like the Gouache Leather Cord Organizer. It’s a convenient way to keep your cords from being tangled up with each other and rolls up for easy storage.

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