A Different Kind of View: GoPro Hero 5 Black Review

A Different Kind of View: GoPro Hero 5 Black Review

How a GoPro changed the way I look at driving 5-HOURS to LUCENA CITY.

I hate the 5-hour drive back to our province.

Every occasion, birthday, and Christmas/New Year celebration, I always end up being the driver back to our province in Lucena City, Quezon.

I’ve seen the same places, stores, roads, and trees since I was born-- you kinda grow tired of it after 20+ years.

But things were different during my last visit-- I had a new buddy with me.


GoPro Hero5 Black

The GoPro Hero 5 Black 

Small, but tough

I tried out the GoPro during my nephew’s birthday celebration at a small resort. Siyempre Pinoy, may swimming.

The camera Hero 5 Black is rated to be waterproof up to 33ft without a housing, so of course, I had to try it out.


Pardon my tummy

A quick splash from a height wasn’t strong enough to make the GoPro kick the bucket, so I had to try something else.

The next question was whether it could last long underwater. I put it to the test.


Ang buhay ng isang lumot 

I left the GoPro to shoot a time lapse video underwater and forgot about it for a couple minutes. I was impressed to see it still working. It was really a tough camera to break.


It takes cool videos, even above water

Problem #1

On the way back, I asked my sister to take a video of our drive down the Quezon Eco Tourism Road when we noticed a problem with the lens.

From a small nuisance

My sister noticed a slight fog on the lens of the camera-- I was afraid that water got into the lens. I was half-right.

To my first mini heart attack

Moisture started building up inside the lens cap. I thought that I actually got water into the camera!

Luckily it was just a matter of twisting the cap off (which was unbelievably tight) and wiping off the lens. All good!

I stopped the car on the side and took a quick video to check out if the camera’s performance was affected by the moisture.

A quick test to check if everything was back to normal. All good!

Not just for the pros

While I was out of my car, I started to look around and saw how beautiful the mountains and fields were. Even the passing cars became something that peaked my interest-- I had to take a time lapse video.

 Almost got run over by a truck

It was weird for me to realize that after all the years I’ve been through the roads going to and from Lucena, I’ve never once stepped out of my car and walked around the side of the road, just to take in the scenery.

Yay fisheye!

On a side note: the GoPro takes awesome shots with its 12 megapixel camera. I was able to take a crisp, bright shot even during a gloomy, rainy afternoon.

Like every Pinoy, it was time to do an obligatory pasalubong run-- and pasalubong stores were literally everywhere.

El Mare

Cheese with Pichi-Pichi (kasi OA sa keso)

Having a GoPro was so convenient to have. Just pull it out of your pocket, point, and shoot.

I couldn’t imagine going on another trip without having it in my arsenal.


When I first saw what a GoPro (or an action camera) could do a couple years back, I always thought it was only meant for extreme people doing extreme sports like mountain biking or skiing.

I never realized the convenience of having an action camera in my pocket until I got to experience a simple day out of town with it.

Looking back at the photos and videos I took during my trip, two things were clear:
  1. I have yet to fully appreciate my 5-hour road trip going to and coming back from Lucena City in my 20+ years of existence.
  2. GoPros aren’t just for the pros. Even an average guy like me could learn to appreciate everyday life just by having a convenient action camera in his pocket, ready to take a snap of every moment.
Is the GoPro Hero 5 Black for everyone? I’m starting to think that it is.
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