Audi, Huawei to Team Up for Smarter Cars

Audi, Huawei to Team Up for Smarter Cars

German luxury car maker Audi and Chinese consumer electronics giant Huawei have announced plans to collaborate for the creation of smarter cars in the near future. A memorandum of agreement has been signed and collaboration is set to start in earnest this September.

Exact details on exactly what the two companies will jointly develop are still sketchy. However, the two did say that efforts will revolve around the development of "intelligent connected vehicles."

This suggests that Audi wants its future vehicles to be connected to the internet via fast, stable connections even while the car is in motion. Having a stable connection in the vehicle is crucial to the improvement of driverless car technology and other infotainment features.

Audi and Huawei teamed up last year to test LTE-V (a 4G variant) on a car which provided it with reliable internet connectivity even at high speeds on the highw3ay. The result is the real-time feed of traffic light and intersection video camera data to the vehicle, allowing drivers to make safer and smarter decisions on the road.

Audi has never been shy about adding the latest tech on its vehicles. Recently, the car maker added Amazon Music to their dashboards. It looks like the tech race on the road is about to kick into higher gear.

Via: Engadget

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