Concert Etiquette: Do’s and Don’ts When Watching a Gig

Concert Etiquette: Do’s and Don’ts When Watching a Gig

Going to your favorite band’s concert is an experience. Nothing beats seeing your favorite musician onstage, rocking out and playing your top song on Spotify. However, attending gigs involve basic etiquette too. You’re sharing the show with hundreds—if not thousands—of people so it’s important to be aware of the do’s and don’ts.

Be a responsible gig-goer. Take note of these 14 do’s and don’ts when watching a concert.


Pay for entrance

Don’t be a douche. Pay for your concert ticket no matter how cheap or expensive it is. It doesn’t matter if you’re a photographer, a vlogger, or the band’s number one fan. Musicians and their crew work hard to produce a good show. They pay for studio practice, lights, and sound system so the least you can do is help them break even.

Check your belongings

No matter how buzzed or hyped you are, always check your bag, your phone, and your wallet when attending a concert. Pick-pockets are everywhere and they target inattentive gig-goers. Be aware and look after your things. Use a secured bag and don’t wear too much jewelry. 

Drink responsibly

It’s okay to let loose and have a few drinks when watching a band you like. What’s not cool is getting wasted during the show. Other than being a distraction for others, having too many drinks will only defeat your purpose of enjoying the concert. Worst, you might puke on people or be extremely rowdy. Watch your alcohol intake and enjoy the show.

Dance and sing your heart out

Don’t be KJ. Singing and dancing won’t make you look baduy. Enough of the pa-cool image and enjoy the concert you are in. Jump, dance, and sing along as much as you want. Nobody will judge you for your actions because everyone is having a good time too.

Take photos

Pics or it didn’t happen, indeed. Take a photo of the venue, the band onstage, the merch booth, or even the drinks for sale. Share it on social media and tag the band or the show organizer. Bands and fellow fans will appreciate your effort. It’s also your chance to be regrammed! Nice ‘di ba?   

Meet new people

Concerts are one of the best places to make new friends. Why? Because you and the rest of the audience have already something in common: you all like the band onstage. Smile to the person beside you and try to make a conversation. Meeting new people will make the show more memorable. 

Buy merchandise

If you’re feeling a little more supportive, do buy your favorite band’s merchandise. You can easily find merch booths in gig venues so do check them out and get a CD or a shirt or both. Bands earn extra through merchandise so it’s a great way to further support their craft. Pro tip: it’s cheaper to buy band merch at gigs instead online.  



We know that watching Ben and Ben or Up Dharma Down gives you and your beh the feels. However, this doesn’t give you the right to do PDA. We know it’s sweet and that you love each other but seeing sloppy kisses and ass-grabbing while watching our favorite band is not cool.  Keep the PDA to a minimum.

Start fights

Gigs aren’t pleasant all the time. People will shove you, take your spot, and even steal your drink. Don’t let this ruin your evening by starting a fight. Be mature about it and calmly talk to the other party instead. Remember when Dave Grohl, in the middle of a Foo Fighters concert, called out a guy who was putting up a fight on his show? You don’t want to be that person, right?  

Take too much photos

Yup, we told you to take photos but don’t take TOO MUCH photos and videos. You paid for the concert so savor it as much as you can. Watch your favorite band rock out and leave the documenting to the pros.  Also, putting your phone or camera up all the time will only block and annoy the person standing behind you.

Block other people’s views


And here it is, one of the most important don’ts when it comes to concert etiquette. Don’t block other people’s views. If you are tall, stand behind that small person in front of you. If you want to take a photo, do it quickly and make sure you’re not using a humongous iPad. Respect other people’s views. They paid for the concert too.

Leave your drinks unattended

There are two reasons why you shouldn’t leave your drinks unattended at a concert. First, creeps might add drugs or harmful substances to it when you’re not looking. Second, it may topple down causing hassle not only to you but to the crowd as well. Hold your drink all the time. If you can’t, finish it or return it to the bar.

Use the term “I’m with the band”


So the vocalist is your friend’s common friend, making you feel special and part of the band. Sure, it’s great to have connections but don’t use it to your advantage. Knowing the band personally doesn’t give you an all-access pass to their gigs. Pay for your ticket like a real adult. Huwag masyadong feeling, friend.

Wear inappropriate clothing

You’re going to a concert not to a wedding so dress appropriately. Women, leave the heels and midribs at home. You can’t rock out while wearing pumps that are three-inches high. In fact, you’ll only injure yourself. Guys, easy lang sa sando. We know it’s hot but we don’t want to see your armpit hair; we want to see the band play.


Enjoy the show, offend no one, and go home happy. Be a responsible gig-goer. Want more articles like this? Bookmark our blog and share it to your friends!

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