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Ditch the Picture Frames: 5 Tech Corporate Gift Ideas for Christmas 2018

Ditch the Picture Frames: 5 Tech Corporate Gift Ideas for Christmas 2018

Christmas is just around the corner, and for Pinoys who spend just about half of their lives in the office, this can only mean any one of these things: it’s no longer that mainit to commute to work; the 13th month pay is coming; the Christmas bonus is probably also on its way; and corporate gifts galore!

Naturally, the prospect of a fast-approaching Christmas holiday season is likely more daunting for business owners and managers. After all, they are the ones who have to take into account how the aforementioned bonuses will affect their companies’ bottom lines. It’s also them who have to think about what corporate gifts they can give to their employees, business partners, and customers—yet again.

To help your recipients dodge of a possible flurry of mugs, picture frames, and calendars this holiday season, allow us to provide you with a few fresh ideas on what to give as corporate gifts this year. These tech items are guaranteed to be practical and useful, so you can be sure they won’t be gathering dust like your usual corporate gifts—seeing only the light of day the next holiday season, when they are re-gifted to another poor, unfortunate soul.

Geekkery Cables

Anyone who has a smartphone in your office is likely to own a fast-deteriorating charging cable that originally came with the phone when they bought it. Thankfully, they no longer have to deal with this nonsense. Poundit is proud to present its home-grown Geekkery line of charging cables, which are not only affordable but are also sure to last longer than your average charging cable because of their aluminum alloy and braided nylon construction. Moreover, they come in many fun colors and patterns to match your recipients’ personalities or even your company’s corporate color.

Hybrid Power Banks

For as long as smartphones, tablets, and digital cameras are a thing, people are also going to need power banks. Make sure to check out Poundit’s Geekkery wallet power bank, which combines the functionality of a portable battery and a traditional wallet for your cash and cards. There’s also the Geekkery power bank and card holder, which not only charges your device but also holds your bank cards, ID cards, and business cards. If you’d rather give away standard power banks as corporate gifts, we also have a ton of other power banks that you can choose from.

Memory Devices

What’s not to like about memory and storage devices? SD cards, USB flash drives, and USB on-the-go (OTG) devices are very versatile and are an absolute necessity if you work in an office or if you own any modern gadget. SD cards can be used with digital cameras, while its smaller cousins can be used to expand the memory of smartphones. On the other hand, USB flash drives and OTG devices can be used to store your office files, music collection, and favorite movies and TV series, which you can then access through your laptop or smartphone. The MiLi Data 16GB, an OTG device with Lightning connector, is especially useful for iPhone owners, who may not be able to expand the memory of their phones otherwise.

Wireless Headphones

With smartphone manufacturers quickly abandoning the headphone jack, we are likely to see ever-increasing use of wireless or Bluetooth-compatible headphones. Not only are wireless headphones very much in vogue today because of this paradigm shift to wirelessness, they’re also quite a practical solution to many of the challenges that used to plague gadget owners. For example, people who like exercising while listening to music via their smartphone or music player no longer have to worry about their headphone wires getting in the way of their workouts. Consider buying your recipients a waterproof Bluetooth headphone like the Mi Sports Bluetooth Earphones for the full experience.

Portable Speakers

Portable speakers are a universal people pleaser. After all, mostly all of us love listening to music, with our choice of musical genre being the only major differentiator when it comes to our music listening habits. As such, you can be certain that your employees or business partners will enjoy receiving a portable speaker as a corporate gift. Consider buying a waterproof one like the JBL Go 2 so your recipients can take them to the beach or by the poolside when they are on a holiday.

With these tech items as your corporate gifts this year, you’re sure to make the people who matter most to your company very happy, indeed!

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