Earphones for Every Kind of Sound Trip: Get Them All during Poundit’s Audio @ 20% Off Sale!

Earphones for Every Kind of Sound Trip: Get Them All during Poundit’s Audio @ 20% Off Sale!

The awesome thing about a good pair of earphones is that they heighten the experience of private listening. You’ll feel like nothing can get in the way of you and your music—and if you want to savor each riff, beat, and low drop, that’s really the way it should be!

Typically, when you’re shopping for earphones, you end up choosing a pair based on the following: affordable price, great sound quality, and portability. You’ll end up prioritizing one or two of those characteristics to round out your choices.

However, with Poundit’s Audio @ 20% Off Sale, you’ll get the opportunity to snag a pair that may have all three! From October 25 to November 3, 2018, you’ll be enjoying big, big discounts on some of our best-selling audio products, including our earphones. These babies are durable, comfortable on the ear, and ready to be transported anywhere.

In this guide, we’re listing down some of these awesome discounted products, and we’re also sharing some of our top tips for choosing earphone models according to your taste in music—in other words, earphones that will bring out maximum enjoyment for different genres of music.


If you’re an all-around type of music fan, and your favorite thing to do is to search out hot new songs to add to your Spotify playlist, we recommend choosing equally all-around high-quality earphones.

Top Picks:

One of our top two picks for listening to pop music is the Soul-Electronics Run Free Pro HD. This handy pair boasts an interchangeable ear lock system and memory foam ear tips, as well as water-proof functionality and Bluetooth compatibility. This is also a bulletproof pair for running and gym workouts, so listening to your favorite pop tunes won’t be an issue while you’re exercising.

Another “top of the pops” that we can offer at a discounted price are the Anker Soundbuds Slim Black. Anker has a reputation for tough and long-lasting electronics products, and the Anker Soundbuds are no exception. This pair is lightweight and water-resistant, so it’s okay to sweat in hot weather with them. They’re also the perfect travel companion.


Acoustic and Folk

It’s never a bad time for soft, mellow tunes. Folksy and acoustic guitar-based music—free of loud distortion—is perfect as background white noise on a quiet day at the office, for de-stressing on the drive back home, or even lounging by the pool or beachside.

Top Picks:

From Scandinavia—whose serene landscapes have probably inspired some your favorite folk-pop songs—come the Urbanears Sumpan In-Ear Headphones. This pair is stylish and comes in a variety of colors. They also have a neck hook function, and the buds are easy to wash before using again.

The Mi In-Earphones Pro HD, on the other hand, feature dual dynamic + balanced armature drivers. Though these are not ideal for bass-heavy songs, they’re just perfect for the crisp and detailed sounds of acoustic guitar-driven music. These earphones also come with a natural sound equalizer and good isolation, so that it’s easy to pick out every note being played.


Rock Music

For the rakistas out there, a reliable pair of earphones is non-negotiable. Earphones for a rock music lover must be powerful and yet well-balanced so that every distorted riff, crashing beat, and bass underline is perfectly captured.

Top Picks:

One interesting option for rock music lovers is the wireless Havit i5. This pair hosts an all-in-one button design and Bluetooth compatibility. What rock music fans will appreciate about this pair are its high-quality silica gel ear caps, excellent music playback functionality, its DSP noise cancellation, and built-in professional noise cancellation CPU.

The other option is the Soul Prime Wireless. Loop the earbuds around your neck and enjoy the deep low bass, clear mids, and clear highs made possible with this pair’s advanced driver engineering technology. The earphones also have a magnetic clip to keep them in place, and you can keep them on your neck when you need a short break from the heavy riffs.


R&B and Hip Hop

Are you more about R&B jams and fast flow? Rhythm and blues are a match made in heaven with the earphones below. Pop them in to fully enjoy your favorite R&B, hip-hop, rap, funk, and soul tunes.

Top Picks:

JBL is one of the best audio brands around, and the JBL T290 brings its exceptional qualities to playing R&B and hip hop. With the JBL T290, you’ll be enjoying a pure bass sound akin to those of concerts and recording studios.

On the other hand, Creative offers its no-nonsense and affordable Creative EP-50 earphones through Poundit. This pair is also equipped with great bass quality, and will adequately capture the digital elements of modern hip-hop.



Here’s a fun fact—modern EDM, or “electronic dance music,” would fit right in with the family of electronic-driven genres that were very popular in the early 2000s: techno, trance, and house. Whichever one of the genres makes you want to go tugs tugs or bring out the feel of the club (without you actually having to go to one), Poundit has the perfect offering.

Blaupunkt, which is also a household name for premium car audio, has the Blaupunkt Pure earphones as one of its best-selling products in the market. These benefit from precision engineering and stellar audio quality, and will drop those techno beats without you busting an ear drum.

Sony, on the other hand, has released the Sony MDR-EX15AP In-ear Sound Monitoring Headphones, whose 400kJ/m3 high power neodymium magnets contribute to powerful bass, high-res treble, and high-res midrange. With these babies, you’ll appreciate the complexity of EDM music, and hear beyond all the overlying oonts oonts oonts. 

So, sit back, relax, and get to shopping during our Audio @ 20% Off Sale. We’ll make sure to satisfy your taste for music, no matter what genre you love most!



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