Enjoy Full Warranty When You Purchase Tech Products from Poundit!

Enjoy Full Warranty When You Purchase Tech Products from Poundit!

One of the most important things to remember when buying tech products—whether you’re purchasing as a consumer or for your business is to ensure that what you buy is fully covered by original manufacturer’s warranty.

A warranty, by definition, is the guarantee that the product you’re buying is of good quality and has been thoroughly checked for any defects. By making sure that each purchase you make comes with this safeguard, you are essentially protecting yourself from quality-related issues that you may discover once you start using the product. For one thing, the warranty allows you to return the item to the seller in order to receive a defect-free replacement at no cost. For another, many warranties also ensure free or discounted repair services within a specific period after the sale is made, protecting your investment even further.

Caveat Emptor: Not All Online Retailers Are Created Equal

Now, there are many reasons why someone could end up with a faulty product. It could be because the seller obtains their products from unauthorized sources, or they could be knowingly selling bootleg or fake items. If you’ve casually perused through the listings of popular online marketplaces, you will have encountered “branded” electronics whose low prices look too good to be true. Chances are, these are imitation items! Moreover, some sellers may even be selling preowned items—products that are refurbished to look like new but are actually already worn down due to previous usage.

Of course there’s also the possibility that a customer may have simply purchased an item that was defective to begin with, but that’s exactly our point. If you buy an authentic product that is covered by original manufacturer warranty, you can rest assured that your purchase is protected even if the item malfunctions.

Poundit: Your Trusted Source of Warranty-Backed Tech Products

While buying from shady sellers obviously presents a substantial risk of financial loss to buyers—especially since they have no recourse available to them in the event of a product defect or breakdown—customers are usually driven to purchase from these retailers anyway due to the considerably lower prices of their offerings. Worse still, some unscrupulous dealers also advertise their wares to be authentic and brand new even if they are not, deceiving many other buyers into buying their low-quality products.

Don’t fall prey to such deceptive selling tactics! Purchase from Poundit instead, and enjoy not only the guarantee of all our gadgets and accessories being brand new and authentic, but also the assurance that every item you purchase is backed by full warranty, no matter if you’re buying for yourself or for your business.

Ever since our company was founded in 2014, we have committed ourselves to fulfilling our customers’ tech needs. Over the years, we have established a reputation for being the most trusted online retailer of gadgets and accessories in the Philippines. With us by your side, you can be sure that your tech requirements will be taken care of in the safest and most efficient way possible.

Here’s a summary of the reasons why many individual buyers and business customers alike have consistently chosen Poundit to be their partner:

At Poundit, No Product Is without Warranty

When you purchase from Poundit, your trusted business partner, you will always have the assurance that your investment is protected. All the products that we have in our inventory, from our expensive high-spec laptops to our USB hubs and charging cables, are covered by their original warranties. As such, even on the off-chance that one of the items you’ve purchased turns out to be defective or broken, you can simply get in touch with our after-sales support team, and we’ll resolve the matter promptly—no questions asked. Whether it is replacement or repair service you need, we’ll make sure you come away happy.

All of Our Products Are 100% Authentic—Protected by Their Manufacturers or Distributors

Buying from Poundit also means that you will never have to deal with fake, defective, or pre-owned tech products. Everything that we sell is guaranteed to be 100% authentic and brand new out of the box. This means that everything you order from us should not only work as intended, they should also last for a very long time. After all, these products have passed their manufacturers’ quality control processes.

Our Products Are Competitively Priced

Moreover, our prices are the most competitive anywhere on the market. By partnering with us, you can fulfill your tech requirements without going over budget.

How can we afford to offer our customers all this, you ask? Simple: we’ve invested considerable time and resources to forge strong relationships with top global brands and their Philippine distributors. This lets us procure our stock right from the source, allowing us to pass the savings over to you.

Diverse and Exciting Product Range

Another great reason to choose us over our competitors is the diverse range of products that we offer. If you shop in online marketplaces you’re typically limited to a couple of options. First, you can shop from the official “mall” outlet of a brand, which limits you to the products offered by that brand alone. Secondly, you can shop from a seller that curates a collection of products from different brands. This is great, except that the number of products they offer still pale in comparison to our inventory of thousands of products. Moreover, when you shop from our website, you can be certain you’re not purchasing from a shady overseas shop that doesn’t offer any warranty for the things they sell.

Safe and Expedient Shipping

Online shopping is convenient, but it won’t mean anything if you’re forced to pick up your purchases from somewhere else, making you deal with traffic jams or the hassle of commuting. This is why we offer door-to-door shipping to any point in the country, with next-day delivery guaranteed if you’re in the Metro Manila area and you order within our generous cut-off period. For everywhere else, we guarantee no additional delivery charges for purchases above PHP 990. You’ll get your order safe and sound right at your doorstep, whether it’s a single or bulk purchase.

Excellent After-Sales Support

We also guarantee that our professional commitment to you as our customer won’t just end the moment you receive your purchase. Our customer support team is prepared for any follow-up questions you might have, whether you’re an individual customer or you’ve bought products for your business. Besides providing your company a dedicated account manager to ensure that your business gets the prompt and efficient attention it needs, we also have a reliable after-sales support team to answer your every query—be it about additional purchases, shipment issues, or defective products. Rest assured that we will go the extra mile to keep you satisfied. That’s the Poundit way.

Protect Yourself by Purchasing from Poundit

Don’t let the temptation of lower prices trick you into buying products of questionable origin or quality! Choose Poundit, and you’ll rest easy knowing that you’re buying from the most trusted online retailer of tech products in the Philippines. Get in touch with us at business@poundit.com, and we will take care of the rest. We look forward to hearing from you!

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