Enjoy Great Gadget Discounts During the Poundit 168 Sale!

Enjoy Great Gadget Discounts During the Poundit 168 Sale!

We are having another sale here at Poundit! Yes, you read that right—right on the heels of our Chinese New Year sale and Valentine’s Day sale, we have another sensational one to offer you, and this time it’s the Poundit 168 Sale. Basically, it means that for a very limited time, you can get products from 3 awesome brands at discounted prices, with 16.8% slashed right off each item’s current selling price. The brands participating in this sale are Mili, Divoom, and Focal. The 168 Sale lasts for the entire month of February, so you still have a lot of time to grab the items you want!

Now let’s check out the brands being featured during this promo:


Make no mistake: MiLi is a brand that is as genuine as they come, with its owner, Hali-Power, not only having the distinction of being the first Apple-authorized manufacturer in China. So this isn’t just some no-name, fly-by-night brand that stamps its name on generic third party clones—MiLi is the real deal, and has been in the authentic gadget accessory business since its launch in 2008.

Being an Apple-centric brand, MiLi specializes in offering high-quality and affordable accessories that are designed to be perfectly compatible with your Apple devices. These include lightning cables, data cables, external batteries, storage devices, and many others. One particular item of note that they’re known for is the MiLi Power Angel, a 1200mAh external battery that’s perfectly shaped to plug seamlessly into the bottom of your iPhone or iPad, serving as a battery extension as well as a stand. The best part? It only costs PHP210! With the sale on, that’s reduced to PHP105—practically a steal!

Also, in case you’re wondering: yes, MiLi’s products also come with full manufacturer’s warranty, so you won’t have to worry about your money vanishing into the ether when you order. Just get in touch with our after-sales support team, and we’ll handle the rest! So, for quality Apple accessories with an affordable price tag, make sure to check out the discounted products during our MiLI sale.

Other items that we recommend include:


Divoom is a Hong-Kong based brand that not only does what it sets out to do very well, but also does it with a unique injection of creativity and ingenuity that’s hard not to admire. Launched in 2006, Divoom has since made a reputation for itself for putting out solid and well-tuned portable speakers while also challenging the norms regarding this ubiquitous device category.

Take for example the Divoom Voombox Outdoor, on sale now at Poundit for PHP 3244, down 16.8% from PHP3900. At first glance, it looks like any other outdoor portable speaker, with its weather-resistant frame, its rounded-corner rectangular shape, and wide speaker grille. You could mistake it for a JBL speaker, and in terms of build and sound quality, they are very similar, despite the Divoom one being considerably cheaper.

Now, contrast this with the Divoom TIVOO Speakers, a cute portable speaker that’s shaped like a cute vintage television set—complete with channel tuner and volume dial—with a large LED display as the screen. Instead of just pumping out music for you, the screen will also output cute pixel art at the same time, immediately taking you back to those nostalgic days of gaming when pixelated displays were all the rage. You can even make your own pixel art designs, animations, and messages using the proprietary editor app, and have the TIVOO display it for you whenever you like. Besides this, you can also use the TIVOO as a DJ mixer, an alarm, a sleep aid, and even a miniature gaming platform—all for the low price of PHP3369, down from PHP 4050 during our Divoom sale!

So, if you want an eye-catching set of portable speakers or just one that’s reliable without having to spring for the pricey stuff, then go for Divoom products during our 168 Sale. Hurry while stocks last!

Other items that we recommend include:


Finally, we come to the third and final brand featured in our 168 Sale, namely Focal. Focal is different from both MiLi and Divoom as it is essentially a premium brand of audio technology that hails from France, having a storied lineage dating back to 1979. Based in Saint-Étienne, in the French Loire region, this particular brand has always focused on retaining its identity as one that’s “Made in France.”

As such, new buyers of Focal audio gear can expect a kind of listening experience that they will find nowhere else, at price points that may seem high at first but will be taken as completely worth it once the products are firmly in hand. The build quality is excellent, the materials used are premium, and the feel is top-notch.

Take for example the Focal Listen premium headphones, priced at PHP9900 during this Focal sale (originally PHP11900). It features a modern yet understated style, with chrome-plated ear cups, a solid black headband and also black memory foam ear pads. The speakers give clear and crisp sound throughout, with a smooth yet powerful bass that’s sure to enhance your listening experience. The thermosensitive memory foam ear pads, meanwhile, block out most background noise while being comfortable enough to allow you to enjoy your music for long periods of time .

Besides this, the Focal Listen has also been reviewed as one of the best closed-back over-ear headphones at its price point by many audiophile websites, with one of them citing that the headphones shared a very similar sound profile to cans that cost well over ten times the Listen’s asking price.

As such, make sure to cop the very best that the French can offer the audiophile world by nabbing Focal products during our Focal sale. You won’t regret it!

Other items that we recommend include:

There you have it—all three brands being featured during Poundit’s 168 Sale. Now, remember, the sale is only on up to the 28th of February, so you’ll have to hurry and purchase the items you want now! Have fun shopping with us!

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