Love Dressing Up? Check Out 7 Favorite OOTDs of Millennials

Love Dressing Up? Check Out 7 Favorite OOTDs of Millennials

If there’s one thing millennials love doing, it’s dressing up. Unlike before, following the latest trends is easier (and cheaper) thanks to online shopping websites and platforms like Facebook and Instagram. Millennials can now update their outfits according to what’s in without breaking the bank and without leaving the comforts of their home.

With no doubt, brands, celebrities, and social media influencers affect the way millennials dress up may it be for work or gimmick. One day you’re channeling Rihanna’s street style look and the next day you’re sporting Red Velvet’s K-pop aesthetic. It’s that quick and diverse.

However, there are trends that remain and for good reason. These are our favorites, our fashion staples, the pieces we wear with confidence and flair. Let’s identify our favorite OOTD pieces below!

White sneakers

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If you don’t own a pair of white sneakers, you’re probably out of style. Versatile and easy to match, white sneakers can instantly change a look, making it a favorite of many millennials. From high cut shoes to running trainers, white sneakers will definitely dominate our wardrobes for a long time.

How to wear white sneakers:

For a classic look, pair your white sneakers with blue jeans and a plain shirt. They also look good when worn with khaki shorts (for men) or a printed floral dress (for women).

Pro tip: Don’t be afraid of getting dirt on your white sneakers. Stains give them more character and less maarte vibes.  

Dark denim

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Fearless forecast: denim will never go out of style. For this year, however, dark denim will rule millennials’ outfits. Like white sneakers, dark denim is exceptionally versatile and can be worn with almost anything. It’s perfect as a jacket, polo, and straight cut jeans. Millennials also love dark denim because it doesn’t require ironing and regular washing.

How to wear dark denim:

Dark denim goes with everything! You can even wear it with other kinds of denim. Just don’t wear it with denim accessories—that’s just too much.

Fanny packs


“Fanny packs? Titas wear them, ‘di ba?” Yup, you’re right. Fanny packs or belt bags are trending at the moment. It’s the newest must-have accessory, especially now that the 80s is making a huge comeback. Apart from being handy, fanny packs are also useful when you want to hide your after-buffet-stomach or beer belly.

How to wear fanny packs:

Don’t wear your fanny pack with a floral shirt, cargo shorts, or sandals and socks unless you want to look like a tour guide. Opt for a simple yet stylish belt bag that you can pair with everyday outfits.

Graphic tees

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Anti Social Social Club ba kamo? You got it right, besh. Graphic tees continue to rule millennials’ closets because of their character and appeal. Comfortable and affordable (except for Supreme, that sh*t’s expensive lol), graphic tees allow us to play with our #OOTDs and express ourselves at the same time.  

How to wear graphic tees:

There are endless ways to wear a graphic tee. Women, for example, can wear one with a maxi skirt or tuck it in high waist jeans. Men, on the other hand, can keep it simple by pairing a graphic tee with ripped jeans or by throwing a jacket over it.


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Pastels may look too girly but they are huge in the fashion industry this year. Blush pink, mint green, lavender, and baby blue are just some pastel colors that dominate not only shirts but sneakers and accessories as well. Pastels are the perfect choice when creating a fresh and sweet OOTD.

How to wear pastel:

The best way to wear pastel is by pairing it with a neutral base. Pair blush pink garments with denim or white shorts for a kawaii look. You can also add pastel to your all-black ensemble to break the emo vibe of your outfit.

Primary color blocking

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It’s okay if you don’t like pastels; primary colors are in as well. Color blocking this year means utilizing red, blue, and yellow in your outfits. Don’t think of Ronald McDonald, though. Think of abstract art printed on polos, accessories, and sneakers. Primary color blocking is for the adventurous so follow this trend with caution.

How to wear primary colors:

If you’re new to this trend, start primary color blocking by using red, blue, and yellow accessories and footwear. You can also wear polos and shirts in primary colors paired with something solid like black jeans and white sneakers. Keep it bold yet simple at the same time.

Local brands

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Thanks to Instagram, local and independent fashion brands are making waves. Millennials love shopping and flaunting locally made shirts, accessories, and footwear, allowing the local fashion industry to shine and engage bigger audiences. Some notable brands to keep under your radar are TeamManila, KLTRD, Neon Island, Renegade Folk, Sunnies, and Piopio.

How to wear local brands:

With love and pride, of course. <3


So what’s your favorite OOTD piece? Classic white sneakers or sweet and feminine pastel? Whatever look you choose, what’s important is that you can carry it with poise and confidence.   

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