Fitbit Rolls out New Fitness Tracker but not to the Public

Fitbit Rolls out New Fitness Tracker but not to the Public

A new fitness tracker from Fitbit was recently released via its website. The new device is reportedly the company’s lowest priced wearable ever. Unfortunately, it won’t be made commercially available to regular customers due to it being a specially released product by the company.

The Fitbit Inspire is the latest fitness tracker by Fitbit. Due to its exclusivity, it is only currently available to the company’s employees as well as health insurance members. There are, however, plans to have the device subsidized and issued to companies and health insurance providers for their respective employees.

The device currently has no listed price on the website, but users won’t have to pay for it because of the special conditions of its release. However, Fitbit representatives mentioned that the Fitbit Inspire is the cheapest fitness tracker they’ve developed in terms of price.

Features for the Fitbit Inspire include many of the basic functions of other similar fitness trackers such as activity and sleep tracking, movement and goal reminders, mobile alerts, and a calorie monitor. It also has a battery life of up to 5 days and can survive a depth of up to 50 meters underwater. The device is available in black and sangria colors.

The fitness tracker also has an upgraded model available called the Fitbit Inspire HR. This version includes around-the-clock tracking for heart rate, cardio fitness, sleep stages, steps and distance traveled. Color options for the Fitbit Inspire HR include black, white, and lilac.

James Park, Fitbit CEO, was interviewed by CNBC regarding the new device. He mentioned that the Fitbit Inspire was made as “a program for digital health interventions,” allowing companies to better keep track of their employees’ health and promote self-improvement whenever necessary.

He also said that the company mainly on its many business ties for its revenue. Fitbit currently has 6.8 million patients, employees, and health insurance members that have agreed to incorporate Fitbit devices with their wellness programs.

The Fitbit Inspire follows up on the Fitbit Care health platform, which was launched last September. The platform was designed to give Fitbit access to health data provided by employers and healthcare plan providers and allow the company to share more personalized fitness recommendations with their partners.

Compared to the previously released Fitbit Versa, the Fitbit Inspire lacks the robust features of the former. Despite this, the company views the Fitbit Inspire as one of their most important products to date.

via CNBC

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