Fujifilm announces Instax Square SQ6 for Old-School Snaps

Fujifilm announces Instax Square SQ6 for Old-School Snaps

Facebook and Instagram getting too crowded for you? Craving for a camera that takes old-school square snapshots with film? Fujifilm’s latest throwback might just be the thing for you.

The company has just announced the Instax Square SQ6 analog camera. As the name suggests (duh), this new product lets you take photos like it was the 90s using an almost fully analog design. The photos can then be printed on traditional photo paper that you can physically share, frame or pit into albums – if you remember those.

Other than a programmable electronic shutter release, this camera uses no digital components. Say hello again to motor-powered macro, landscape and double exposure focus modes, and lithium batteries included in the box. Oh, and did we mention that it has a 10-second timer that lets you do running selfies like your dad did in his heyday?

The Fujifilm Instax Square SQ6 is scheduled for release on May 25th globally and is expected to cost around $130 in the US. Keep visiting Poundit for details specific to the Philippine release.

Fujifilm’s Instax line was originally introduced in 1998. Growing interest in photography from millennials has driven the demand for the series, making it Fujifilm’s most recognizable product to date. In the Philippines, the Instax line remains as one of the top sellers as far as instant, point and shoot still cameras go.

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