Get into the Mystery Box Unboxing Hype with Poundit Today!

Get into the Mystery Box Unboxing Hype with Poundit Today!

If you’re a gadget lover or a technophile, and you’re the type who orders their stuff online, then you would know how exciting it is to unbox a freshly delivered package that you’ve been waiting for for days or weeks—all that white-knuckled anticipation of expecting your order to arrive finally resolving in that one sweet moment when you cut through all the packaging to get at the goodies inside the shipping box! Whether it’s a new smartphone, laptop, game console, car accessory, home appliance, or audio device that you ordered, unboxing your new gadget is definitely one of the best and most amazing parts of partaking in this hobby.

Did you know, however, that there’s an even more exciting way to enjoy this experience, and it’s become so popular that even big-time tech reviewers and YouTube influencers—like Carlo Ople and Pinoy Techdad—are getting in on it?  What we’re talking about is unboxing so-called “mystery boxes,” and you can join in on the fun by getting one from us here at Poundit!

What Exactly Is a Mystery Box?

A mystery box, simply put, is a box of randomized items that are sometimes offered by online stores. You don’t know what you’re getting in the box—you just know that its contents more or less make up the total price that the store is charging for it.  

Yes, you read that right: you won’t actually know what you’ve ordered until it arrives. That may seem a bit weird, unusual, or even risky, but fans of such offers will tell you that the anticipation of what’s inside the box is what makes the whole experience fun and thrilling! After all, it’s just like receiving gifts on Christmas or on your birthday, where the contents of the packages you get are a complete surprise.

But what’s even better is that there’s also a chance that the total value of the products will be considerably more than what you paid for. In such cases, a mystery box then delivers both value and enjoyment in one single package.

At Poundit, There’s Mystery Box for Everyone

As you may already know, you can also get in on the mystery box unboxing hype by buying one of our very own best-selling Poundit Mystery Boxes. We’ve got multiple kinds that can fit any budget or match particular interests. Do you want to just try it out without spending too much money? Then you can snap up our affordable but formidable PHP 1000 Poundit Bronze Mystery Box, or the slightly more expensive PHP3000 one. If you want to go big, though, then you can spring for our bigger mystery boxes, with values going from PHP 5000 all the way up to PHP 100,000!

But what if you don’t want your Poundit Mystery Box to be too random, and you want what you receive to be more in-line with your interests or favorite brands? If this is the case, we’ve got you covered, too. We also sell Poundit Mystery Boxes that mainly feature specific brands or gadgets. For example, if you’re a smartphone enthusiast, then you can get our Smartphone Mystery Box; if you love Apple products, then you can buy our Apple Mystery Box; if you’re a hardcore Sony fanatic, then you can purchase our Sony Mystery Box 1 or Sony Mystery Box 2. Audio enthusiasts can also treat themselves by picking up our Audio Mystery Box or our JBL Mystery Box 1 and Box 2. You get the picture.

No matter what you’re into, what your budget is, or what brands you favor, we’ve got something for you! Just make sure to make your purchase as soon as you can, as the Poundit Mystery Boxes are available for a limited time only. They’re also some of the best-selling items on our website right now.

100% Brand New and Authentic Poundit Guarantee

Best of all, just like with all the other products you can buy on Poundit, everything you get from any one of our Mystery Boxes is guaranteed to be brand new and original. No bootlegs, no fakes, no generic third party products—all of them are branded and come covered with the manufacturer’s original warranty. The only other big gamble you’ll be making with our mystery boxes—aside from not knowing what’s inside—is that you also won’t know if you’re going to get addicted to buying them or not. Chances are, you will be!

Don’t just take our word for it, though. Here are some choice videos of popular tech YouTubers unboxing and reviewing some of our premium Poundit Mystery Boxes:

We start things off cheap and cheerful with Pinoy Techdad unboxing our Xiaomi Mystery Box that’s worth PHP 3000. He not only gets premium quality Xiaomi stuff, but also a bag that he was planning to get all along!

In this next video, popular tech vlogger and influencer Carlo Ople unboxes our PHP 15,000 Xiaomi Mystery Box. Check out the awesome goodies he got, along with a brand-new Xiaomi Mi A2!

Here’s another video from everyone’s favorite tech influencer Carlo Ople, and in this one, he’s unboxing our PHP 25,000 Sony-themed Mystery Box! No spoilers, but even we’re getting jealous of the great stuff he’s been getting!


Yet another video from Carlo Ople, and this time he’s getting into the big leagues with our PHP50,000 Mystery Box! He managed to score so many goodies with this one, with the total value confirmed to be well over the PHP50K price tag.

Not all of us can spring for the big stuff, but Carlo Ople certainly does! In this video he unboxes the super-massive PHP100,000 Poundit Gold Mystery Box! Check out all that loot he gets, including a Nintendo Switch and more!

Don’t get left out in all the Mystery Box hype! Order one from us here at Poundit, and enjoy the fun and excitement that unboxing one can bring, along with all the premium-quality gadgets that you’re sure to love. Log into our website now, and get your very own box. Make sure not to tarry so long, however, as these Poundit Mystery Boxes only available for a limited time!

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