Getting Close with the Younger Man: Sony Walkman NWZ-B183F Review

Getting Close with the Younger Man: Sony Walkman NWZ-B183F Review

Sony walkman NWZ-B183F

Yes, audio streaming is the thing these days and platforms like Spotify has already made its way to the heart of music lovers. It has millions of songs available online. But do you really need to have access to that much? Additionally, there are songs you won’t find in Spotify but have them in your computer’s music library instead.

For anyone who is looking to replace their old players (mp3, not your boylets), and those who nver got to experience mp3 at its best, this one’s perfect for you.

Here comes the new Sony Walkman NWZ-B183F (and you don’t have to say it with the NWZ-B183F part!) It’s pretty small but slick, has a less edgy body unlike its predecessor, the NWZ-B173, and it definitely won’t make you think twice about getting one because of its classic feel. Its style is so vintage, there’s a 78% chance you will utter “oh sheet”. Or something that rhymes with that. We’ll get to the bottom of what you’ll get and what you’ll like about this new guy in this quick review.

Simply handsome...

In the past, there was a competition between mp3 players in terms of perplexing users at first glance. The buttons had to be chromed out, the dot matrix screen really lit up, and the grammar in the user manual was always messed up (especially those made from that big country somewhere in the world that produces every copy of every product for some reason.) You get the same perplexity here, less the chromed out buttons and the joint-rolled user manual.

Great looks. What turned me on in a snap was the entire look of the Walkman in that small space after unboxing it (I suggest not touching it immediately. Just look at it for 2 minutes.) The red color (also available in other colors) in its finely brushed finish looked awesome in the same way someone looks when you see him/her using a cassette player nowadays.

Sony walkman NWZ-B183F

Earth, Wind, and Fire. Just yeah.

Battery lasts up to 20 hours when fully charged. That’s a lot of time to cover great music and enough time to cover them again. Just imagine yourself traveling with this! Great sound quality + the great outdoors = EARS of joy. There is also a quick-charge feature! After briefly charging for 3 minutes, I got 88-90 minutes of playback time! That's about how long you'll get stuck in traffic from Makati to... another part of Makati.

They’ve included decent headphones! Tangles like hell, though. The sound initially lacks that expected bass but can be improved by the Bass Boost feature in the device settings. But then it’s a completely different story when you plug in good quality earphones! Drivers power good bass with good clarity. The more bass there is, the more intense your face will get. Just don’t try to hide fart sounds with it.

No dongles or cables. Just remove the USB cap and plug into your computer to charge and transfer music. Transferring music has never been this easy (iTunes, take note!). Just drag and drop music files as you would to your handy flash drive, but don’t mistake it for one!

Hey! There’s also a HOLD switch at the rear that we missed so much! Use this to avoid button in-pocket presses. I know you always wanted to hold that switch. At least there’s something to hold on to.

Sony walkman NWZ-B183F

The Hold switch. You wish it will hold you back.

...but there are a few quirks

 And just like with any good-looking guy, the new Sony Walkman also has its imperfections. They can be easily ignored, though. He’s cute naman eh.

This Walkman can store up to 900 songs with its 4GB of storage space. My music library contains 4,772 unique songs (I counted) which occupy 17GB of space. I prefer to have my music categorized in folders depending on the genre or its mood and I'm sure you do too. 

BUT HEY! It’s not like I’ll listen to all of them in one go. So having just a special 900-song-list isn’t so bad. In addition, 4GB can store a lot of documents too! Pretty handy when you need to have something printed at your local computer shop, transfer Diablo2 files, copy emulator games, or copy short video clips of your favorite star. Lol.

The device supports MP3, WMA, AAC, and Linear-PCM audio formats. Who uses these file formats these days when there’s audio streaming?

BUT HEY! The wide use for MP3 and WMA lossless started back in the early 2000’s. These formats are still around today, particularly stored in old PCs. Ultimately, audio streaming platforms may not have every song that exists especially older ones. In terms of sound quality, WMA has good quality and you can listen to your own songs every time without the use of data. As a Spotify user, imagine yourself having a senti moment when a heartfelt song is needed, and there’s no internet data available in your area. Oh sheet.

I can’t help but get irritated at the USB port cap. It’s irreversible (it caps only one way), and mistakenly capping it the other way might break it.

BUT HEY! It tests your sword sheathing skills.

Lastly, navigation is a pain when you’re so used to touch screens. So why not just use an iPod touch that can store more, and that you can touch more? Lol.

BUT HEY! The multiple taps on the navigation buttons on this Walkman to scroll up and down the menu allows for quick search and skips. Good for dodging that anti-distracted driving law. Just kidding.


The new Sony Walkman NWZ-B183F is a definite must-have for people who would settle for express music with good sound quality - especially ones with sentimental value. I’m keepin’ it. Surely as others will. It may not be able to offer more aside from the basics of an MP3 player but this device certainly appeals to the emotion. Just being close to this thing - in pocket or in hand - emotionally sets you apart from other music listeners. After all, it was the Walkman that revolutionized portable music listening some 2 decades ago. The device was big and heavy back then. The feeling of having to actually clutch the brand in the palm of your hand brings forth a nostalgia - it is a part of you now.

It is really great to have this along. At least you don't have to use up your mobile phone's battery for music (You've been walking with a bulky power bank, huh.) I wasn’t able to finish the last song before the Walkman's battery went out, but that’s already hours of doing nothing - just sitting back and enjoying the best quality sound and sentiment only a Walkman can provide. It is finally mine.

And finally yours too! Get it here at

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