Getting Higher with the Energy: GoPro Karma Drone review

Getting Higher with the Energy: GoPro Karma Drone review

GoPro Karma Drone

For drone beginners and those who never actually touched one, GoPro’s debut drone, the Karma, surely does its job nicely - shoot impressive photos and ultra-stabilized video footages. We went to the city of Tagaytay to overcome a number of difficulties using the GoPro Karma Drone. As we got nearer our chosen “flight-site” it became a bit rainy, windy, and all cloudy. To us, it was a good time to show off what the GoPro Karma can do under these conditions (and to show off that we are using one, immature that we are.) But to the Karma drone still inside its backpack, the odds might be too great.

Completes the collection

What we got is a neat set inside a hard case that also serves as a backpack: a Karma Drone with a camera gimbal and harness, a Karma Grip, and a Hero5 - the complete GoPro Karma package. The drone and grip being the best accessories a GoPro collector can have so far, and simply complete an already amazing lineup. Para hindi puro pictures lang, you can check out Poundit's very own RA Rivera’s unboxing of this awesome kit right here.

GoPro Karma Drone

All together portable in a sturdy backpack

The foldable Karma Drone claims to have an easier flight control and stability no other drone has. You just start, lift, and fly! It also remembers the area where it took off and that’s where you can command it to land. Unlike its DJI competitors, it has no collision sensors. It will pretty much hack n’ slash everything in its course without careful handling-- but every part is user-replaceable, so don’t worry if you’ve broken a few propellers because of noob-ness. And that’s exactly what I did! I got a little too excited when the drone arrived at my house. It was raining outside but I was too eager to try out flying the drone. Kids, NEVER FLY INDOORS. It has up to 20 mins of flight time, which is about average for drones. The Karma Drone uses wi-fi for controller-to-drone communication with a decent range limit of about 3000m. There were times when we observed a loss in its connection (live video footage) at around 300 ft above us, but it could still be controlled at that point. It also has a maximum speed of 35mph with sports mode turned on. Donning a sports wear while flying this will make a good match.

The Karma Drone Controller comes with thumbsticks and a touch screen so you won’t need to use your smartphone for the flight’s display duties. GoPro must have sensed that you’ll need it to call friends to brag about the drone. Kidding aside, the touch screen can be used to control all the settings on the GoPro camera while it’s attached to the Karma Drone. The GoPro Passenger App can also be downloaded to your smartphones and experience controlling the camera during flight.

Expert tip: Remember to play around with the controller’s built-in flight simulator before doing the real thing, unless you really want a new set of propellers from (like I did!)

The GoPro Hero5 Black as an inclusion is a smart choice. This small guy can shoot 12MP photos, and videos at 1080p at up to 120fps and 720p at 240fps. While other GoPro cameras like the Hero4 are compatible, they will require a special Karma harness that is sold separately.

That’s the Karma Drone, the Karma Controller, the Karma Grip, and the Hero5 Black all in one, all together portable, all together tough, (and it looks like they can take a lot of punishment) and ready for action.

Getting high

So there. Back to that chosen flight site in Tagaytay, we unpacked the Karma Drone and the controller. There wasn’t even much to assemble. The rain was gone, and we hoped that this would be the first time we’ll SUCCESSFULLY fly a drone (the first attempt indoors was stupid.) It was a bit windy, but we were aware that this drone has a maximum wind resistance of 22mph, so we didn’t mind. It was going to rain again soon, so we began starting, lifting, and flying. Here’s what the brief ride looks like:


GoPro Karma Drone


Let us get high and leave you with some specs. The GoPro Karma Drone is available here at


   Drone Specs:

   Max Speed35mph

   Max DistanceUp to 3,000m

Max Altitude3,200m

   Max Wind Resistance22mph

   Operating Frequency2.4GHz

   Dimensions (Opened/No Propellers)Length: 12in.

   Width: 16.2in.

   Height: 4.6in.

   Propeller Length10in.



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