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How Mirrorless Cameras Beat DSLRs at Their Own Game

Mirrorless cameras deliver exceptional DSLR-like image quality in a compact, lightweight package. But there's more to mirrorless cameras than just portability.

Considering to go mirrorless for your next camera purchase? You'll be in for a treat! Here's how mirrorless cameras beat DSLRs at their own game.

Mirrorless cameras boast superior technology

Sony mirrorless camera

Mirrorless cameras (also called compact system cameras or CSCs) are fast becoming a game changer in the innovation department, pushing DSLRs on the verge of becoming relics of the past. Photography experts even tout CSCs as the "future-proof" option for consumers today.

Image stabilization, for instance, is a built-in feature in many mirrorless cameras, while only a handful of high-end DSLRs have it. This camera tech results in sharper photos even when shooting handheld in low-light conditions.

Shooting quickly via touchscreen controls is another edge mirrorless cameras have over DSLRs. This touch-to-shoot functionality is available to mid-priced mirrorless cameras, which is found only in very expensive DSLR models.

Sony leads the way in camera tech, with the Sony A7R III being best mirrorless camera equipped with a five-axis in-body stabilization that's unique to the Japanese brand. The A7R III features a full-frame 42.4MP Exmor R CMOS sensor with touchscreen functionality.

Mirrorless cameras make better travel buddies

Hands down, mirrorless cameras are the clear winner when it comes to size and weight. Their smaller and simpler built makes them easy to take with you anywhere you go without dragging you down after a long day of shooting.

Love taking selfies when traveling? It's awkward to do that with a huge and heavy DSLR camera. With a mirrorless camera, you just flip the LCD monitor upward, flash your best smile, and click!

While the size and weight differences between mirrorless cameras and DSLRs aren't pronounced, they do make a difference for frequent travelers.

A mirrorless camera fits easily into a small camera bag, and there's more room for extra lenses (obviously, lenses for mirrorless cameras are smaller than DSLR lenses). No need to worry about exceeding the airline's carry-on baggage limit.

Capture candid moments better with mirrorless cameras

This adorable cat pic was shot with a Sony mirrorless camera

Every click of a DSLR camera produces a sound that distracts a subject in an instant. Want to take lots of candid shots while remaining unnoticed? Use a mirrorless camera instead.

Mirrorless cameras operate more quietly than DSLRs, so you can take snaps of your pet without having your lens scratched or your cute sleeping baby without waking him up.

Most mirrorless cameras can shoot 4K videos

Whether for professional filmmaking, vlogging, or simply recording family videos, you plenty of great choices in the mirrorless camera market. Only expensive DSLR models feature Ultra HD-quality or 4K videos, while many mirrorless cameras can shoot 4K movies at only a fraction of the price.

The best mirrorless camera options to consider for video recording are the Sony Alpha A6500 and Sony 6300 that produce stunning 4K videos.

Mirrorless cameras take better action shots

Advanced autofocus systems allow taking sharp photos of a moving subject

In terms of Live View autofocus performance for tracking a moving subject, mirrorless cameras clearly have the edge over DSLRs with their advanced hybrid AF systems.

And thanks to their lack of mirror (duh, they're mirrorless), CSCs can shoot more pictures per second at higher shutter speeds than DSLRs. The fastest frame rate you can get from a high-end DSLR is between 12 and 14 fps. But many mirrorless cameras deliver more than that.

Mirrorless cameras allow taking an image after image for clear action shots

The best mirrorless camera for high-speed, continuous shooting is the Sony Alpha A9 that boasts a whopping 693 AF points. Coupled with an insane frame rate of 20 fps, the Sony A9 is perfect for shooting action, sports, and weddings.

The Fujifilm X-T2 (with 325 AF points) also gets brownie points for its excellent autofocus performance that's comparable with professional-grade DSLRs.

Mirrorless cameras provide more accurate image previews

sony mirrorless camera EVF

Professional photographers generally prefer the DSLR's through-the-lens viewfinder. But if you're just a casual shutterbug or a beginner, what you need is a live preview that shows an accurate view of what your final photo will look like.

Mirrorless cameras suit noobs and casual shooters better because of their electronic viewfinder that allows seeing in real time the camera setting adjustments you've made before pressing the shutter. Essentially, what you see is what you get when you use a mirrorless camera.

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