15 Creative Instax Wall Ideas You Should Definitely Try

15 Creative Instax Wall Ideas You Should Definitely Try

Got piles of Instax photos stored in a tattered shoe box? What a waste! Put them to good use—snazz up your flat's wall with a gorgeous Instax photo display. Draw inspiration from these 15 Instax wall ideas that will transform your living space from blah to wow!

1. Stick 'em with washi tapes

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For a no-sweat, no-fail DIY wall decor project, a washi tape is your trusty BFF. It doesn't damage the wall or stick permanently. You'll love adding and replacing as many Instax photos as you want—and your mom (or landlady) won't hate you for it.

How to display Instax photos: Just stick your pics on the wall with decorative tapes in various colors.

2. Go for a minimalist design

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Because less is more. Period.

How to display Instax photos: Glue foldback clips or bulldog clips on the wall. Just let your Instax snaps stand out minus the frills.

3. Wear your heart on your wall


Collect Instax snaps of your loved ones—family, friends, pets, and even yourself (self-love FTW!). Create a lovely photo collage that forms a heart shape, your initials, or your fave structure, like the Eiffel or Petronas. Your Instax collage will contrast beautifully with a dark-colored wall.

How to display Instax photos: Using a double-sided tape, start sticking a photo from the bottommost part and work all the way up.

4. Make a photo bunting

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Looking for the easiest Instax wall ideas for busy peeps? Turn your Instax pics into a banderitas-style display.

How to display Instax photos: Tie each end of a long yarn to a nail. Hang your pictures with mini clothespins to the yarn. Ta-dah! Your white wall is now bursting with colors.

5. Use fairy lights for a magical effect

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Probably the most popular of all Instax wall ideas, add a dreamy, romantic vibe to your bedroom with a fairy light photo display. What a way to call it a night!

How to display Instax photos: Hang your photos with clips or clothespins to strings of fairy lights. Switch the fairy lights on, turn off your main light, and see the magical effect!

6. Make your Instagram feed come to life

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From your #OOTD to #TBT and #blessed pics, Instagram is a great repository of memories. But in the world of social media, walang forever. You can immortalize your most-treasured photos à La Instagram in the physical world, though.

How to display Instax photos: Choose your best Instagram photos and print them wirelessly from your smartphone using a Fujifilm Instax Share Smartphone Printer and app. Stick your Instax prints to a bare part of the wall using a double-sided adhesive.

7. Fill your wall with memories


How about filling an entire wall with Instax photos? A photo collage wallpaper is one of the best Instax wall ideas to try if you've got tons of snaps from your instant camera.

How to display Instax photos: Check out this post for a step-by-step guide to making an awesome Instax wallpaper.

8. Create depth with a 3D block photo wall

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Want a more sophisticated wall decor? Display your Instax snaps on wooden blocks and wow your guests with your ingenious creation.

How to display Instax photos: Here's a detailed tutorial to help you pull off a stunning 3D gallery wall.

9. Pin your travel memories to a cork board map


What better way to fuel your wanderlust than decking the wall out with your awesome travel memories? Pin your fave Instax pics from your travels to the countries or cities you've been to, or anywhere you'd like to go next.

How to display Instax photos: Make cork board cut-outs of different continents or draw a world map with a marker pen on a huge cork board. Or spare yourself the trouble by ordering a ready-made cork board map.

10. Up the retro vibe with an old window pane

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For the vintage junkie, here’s one of the best Instax wall ideas to try: pair your black-and-white Instax snaps with an old window pane, and you've got a perfect retro-themed wall decor.

How to display Instax photos: Got an unused window pane or any huge old frame at home? Clean it up and post your photos on it.

11. Upcycle an old wheel 

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Don't sell your old junk just yet! There’s something you can turn into a stunning wall decor, like an old bike wheel, steering wheel, or even a stand fan base.

How to display Instax photos: Secure the wheel to the wall with screws and insert a yarn into its holes and openings. Clip your Instax pictures with clothespins.

12. Hang your Instax photos, Boho style

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Go Boho for your wall decor! This photo display is a perfect wall accent for any Bohemian-themed bedroom.

How to display Instax photos: Get a strong branch, tie strings to it, put tassels on all ends, and hang your Instax pics.

13. Create a rustic shabby chic photo wall

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What could be more charming than Instax photos displayed on a wooden frame with rustic and shabby chic elements?

How to display Instax photos: Hang your photos with mini clothespins on twine tied to a wooden frame.

14. Set up a cool geometric photo grid


This Instax wall idea is like a constellation-themed wall decor with your Instax pics as the stars.

How to display Instax photos: Use a masking tape to make an outline of your desired geometric shape on the wall. Drill some screws or hammer some nails, tie a yarn based on your pattern, and clip your photos. So easy to nail it!

15. Make a flippable Instax photo display


Who says photo albums should look boring? Make yours mind-blowing with a flippable Instax photo display where you can add or change pictures anytime.

How to display Instax photos: Glue a stained wooden block onto a sturdy base. Insert hooks into the block and create a hole on top of each Instax pic with a puncher. Insert your photos into the hook, and you're good to go!

There you have it: 15 Instax wall ideas to add some oomph to your room. Enjoy your DIY photo display project! But if you don't have an Instax yet, check out our entire Instax collection!

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