Is the New OnePlus 6 Water Resistant? Well, Yes and No

Is the New OnePlus 6 Water Resistant? Well, Yes and No

Five years ago, barely anyone outside of China had heard about OnePlus. After all, the brand was one of the newest smartphone manufacturers in the world, having been founded in 2013 in the southern Chinese coastal city of Shenzhen. Within such a short space of time, however, the company and its phones have achieved fame and cult following that rivals that of the biggest tech companies in the world. Just recently, the company introduced its new smartphone—the OnePlus 6 (coming soon on—in a much-publicized launching event held on May 16, 2018, at London’s Copper Box Arena, one of the venues of the 2012 Summer Olympic Games. It was a testament to just how far the brand has come from its humble beginnings.

Naturally, OnePlus fans went ecstatic over the announcement, especially after being exposed to weeks of leaks and teasers that were circulated all over the internet. However, there was quite a bit of confusion as to whether or not the new phone will be water resistant. It’s an important question that consumers wanted clarification on. After all, the OnePlus phones’ lack of official IP rating has always been a point of contention for would-be buyers.

So, is the OnePlus phone finally water resistant? The short answer is yes, but not officially.

Still No Official IP Rating

On April 16, 2018, OnePlus revealed a Twitter teaser that said, “Don’t you just hate it when you have to stop using your phone when it rains? So do we.” The tweet fueled speculations that finally, the new OnePlus 6 will sport an IP certification.

However, when the phone was finally launched, it turned out that it still wasn’t officially IP rated. Instead, the phone is marketed as “splash resistant,” which means it should be able to withstand being exposed to some amount of water, but there is no official guarantee about just how deep a water it can endure, and for how long.

To refresh your memory, the IP rating system is a standard that was drawn up by the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) as a way to establish the resistance of devices against common hazards like water, dust, and objects that can scratch. Common IP ratings that pertain to water resistance include the IP67 and the IP68. IP67 means a device can be submerged into a body of water up to 1 meter deep for 30 minutes, while IP68 certifies water resistance in depths beyond 1 meter.

Because the OnePlus 6 turned out not to have an official IP rating, many OnePlus fans were once again disappointed. However, some observers have revealed that the new smartphone might actually be low-key water-resistant. 

Water-Resistant Characteristics

Even with no official IP rating, it looks like the OnePlus 6 is more water-resistant than many people believe—that is, if the new detailed teardown video by Zack Nelson of JerryRigEverything were to be believed.

The popular YouTuber deconstructed the OnePlus 6 for the purpose of determining its water resistance—suffice it to stay that he wasn’t disappointed. First of all, the phone apparently possessed sufficient adhesive all around the side of its back glass panel, effectively providing sealing for the largest opening where water could enter. He also discovered water-resistant meshing inside the microphone hole, between the earpiece speaker and its grill, and in the opening of the loudspeaker. There are also rubber protectors for the button housing, the headphone jack, and the USB-C charging port.

However, Nelson did point out that the rubbering around the end of the SIM card tray—another possible point of ingress for water—isn’t as substantial as those that can be found on the SIM card trays of water-resistant iPhones and Samsung phones.

Nevertheless, at the end of the video, Nelson commented that the OnePlus 6 was “more water resistant than I anticipated,” noting that the protection it provided was probably comparable with those found in other flagship phones.

His observations about the OnePlus 6’s water resistance match those made earlier by commentators from iFixit, who performed a similar teardown of the smartphone. They noted that the phone possessed an integrated rubber gasket for the SIM card tray, as well as silicone seals around all flex cables and sockets.

Other people are also beginning to do their own actual OnePlus 6 water immersion tests. The guys over at the YouTube channel Techno Unboxing submerged the phone in a glass casserole dish, and it worked just fine afterwards.

Interestingly, another YouTuber, Matthew Moniz, submerged his OnePlus 6 for 30 minutes in a meter-deep pool, and it no longer worked properly afterwards. However, the phone could have also been damaged from being dropped too high, so we can’t really say it’s the perfect empirical test.

Judging from the early observations made by the people mentioned above, it’s perhaps safe to say that while the OnePlus 6 offers some amount of protection against water ingress, it’s probably not a good idea to go swimming with it. is an online merchant of OnePlus smartphones. Get the OnePlus 5T today or stay tuned for the upcoming launch of OnePlus 6.

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