Head to Head: JBL E45BT vs. Marshall Major II Bluetooth Headphones

Head to Head: JBL E45BT vs. Marshall Major II Bluetooth Headphones

Looking for the best wireless headphones as your travel buddy this summer? JBL E45BT and Marshall Major II Bluetooth headphones are two worthy choices.

Which wireless headphones suit you better? Here's a quick rundown of what to expect from these Bluetooth headphones.

JBL E45BT vs. Marshall Major II Bluetooth Headphones: Side-by-side comparison



With JBL E45BT, listening to music for hours on end won't hurt your ears. These JBL Bluetooth headphones are slighter lighter than the Major II Bluetooth. They also have more than enough soft, comfortable padding around the ear cups, applying less pressure compared to their Marshall counterpart.

The Marshall Major II Bluetooth has a greater clamping force of 1.01 lbs (versus JBL headphones' 0.8 lbs). While this means the Marshall headphones aren't likely to slip as you move around, they clamp rather too tightly after several hours of use. You'll need to take it off every couple of hours to avoid getting your ears sore.

Winner: JBL E45BT

Sound quality

Marshall Major II Bluetooth

Both JBL and Marshall wireless headphones deliver excellent sound quality. But if we were to be nit-picky about it, the sound is louder and the bass is better felt with the Marshall Major II Bluetooth. So much so that the deep, powerful bass tends to overpower the vocals. This is why these Marshall headphones suit rock music fans better.

JBL E45BT headphones, in contrast, offer a well-balanced bass, which is okay with most casual listeners. But if you're looking for more thump or deeper bass, the Marshall Bluetooth headphones make a better option.

Winner: Marshall Major II Bluetooth

Battery performance

This is where Marshall clearly has the edge. Its 30-hour battery life is nearly twice as much as that of the JBL E45BT, and about thrice of most other Bluetooth headphones. Recharging it takes six hours.

Marshall's 680mAh battery can even last for more than 30 hours on a single full charge. According to an Engadget review, the Major II Bluetooth can play music for 37 hours at high volume.

The JBL E45BT's battery, on the other hand, can last up to 16 hours on a single charge. It takes only two hours to fully charge the battery.

Winner: Marshall Major II Bluetooth


Great for on-the-go use, the E45BT and the Major II Bluetooth are both foldable and can easily fit into a backpack. The Marshall headphones are a bit larger, though, at 75.7 cubic-inch volume compared to the JBL headphones' 46.2 cubic inches.

Winner: JBL E45BT (by a slight margin)

Bluetooth performance

Both wireless headphones work well within the standard range of 10 meters. You won't experience any connectivity issue as long as you're within the range of your smartphone or Bluetooth-enabled device.

Major II Bluetooth headphones support aptX for better Bluetooth connections, which lead to minimal audio lags when watching videos.

Winner: Marshall Major II Bluetooth


Coming from nothing less than a vintage amplifier brand, the Major II Bluetooth headphones are every inch a Marshall. Their sleek design and analog control knob make then truly distinctive. The small knob provides easy access to phone and music functionalities and works with both Android and iOS devices.

These Marshall Bluetooth headphones come in three neutral colors: black, brown, and white. Meanwhile, JBL E45BT headphones cater to the young and hip with its fun assortment of colors, including teal, blue, and red, aside from the standard black and white options.

Winner: It's a tie! (The better-looking wireless headphones depend on the user's styling preference.)

Overall value for money

Which are the better headphones between JBL E45BT and Marshall Major II Bluetooth?

These wireless headphones fall within the same price range, with the Marshall headphones just being slightly cheaper by about 600 bucks. They have a lot of features and specs in common, too. And one outperforms the other in certain aspects.

It's hard to tell for sure which one is the better choice for everyone because we all have our own preferences and biases.

When picking between these JBL and Marshall Bluetooth headphones, keep your priorities in mind. If you're looking for comfortable wireless headphones that you can bring anywhere, the E45BT is perfect for you. But if you need something you can use for a long time without having to charge too often, getting the Major II Bluetooth headphones makes more sense.

Photos from JBL Philippines and Marshall Philippines Facebook pages

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